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  5. "We are witnesses."

"We are witnesses."

Translation:Nós somos testemunhas.

September 29, 2013



So, testemunha is a witness, whether they be male or female, and testemunho is the testimony? Is that correct?


That's not hard to remember at all! It's only a tiny bit confusing!

(I'm being sarcastic.)


Just curious, why is 'nós estamos testemunhas' wrong here?


Because you can't change it. You are a witness or you are not. Once you witness something, you'll always be a witness of it.


Ahh true, I see now thanks again


I'm sure native portuguese speakers know whether to use ser or estar without thought. But I have to make a decision each time, and sometimes I over-think it. In my mind you are a witness while you are in court, but it doesn't seem like a permanent feature of who I am, just an incidental thing at that moment. Thank you Paulenrique for helping me understand how ser makes more sense.


Exactly what I was thinking when I asked the question, but yeah Paulenrique's explanation made it clearer

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