"I am a teacher."

Translation:Я вчитель.

May 30, 2015

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Just a suggestion, would it be possible that these types of exercises will be updated to include audio? I know I would personally find that very helpful. I am very happy to have the opportunity to use Duolingo. Many thanks! :)


I dont get how three different words it shows for teacher викладач, учитель, викладау...how come i cant use them in the same sentence.


I am still learning, but I believe викладач is closer to 'professor,' whereas учитель(ка) is the English equivalent of teacher, and вчитель(ка) is used when it sounds better (e.g. after a vowel or a consonant that slides more easily into a 'v' than a 'u'.

Hopefully someone will correct me below if this is in error.


So, у does not become в after Я?


When it comes to "euphony rules", rules are not that strict. You just choose what sounds best. The only strict rule is that you should always start a sentence in "у". This kind of mistakes is not tolerated at all by Ukrainian teachers


I mean, it did not accept that answer (Я вчитель), so I am not sure if I should have reported it. After all, I am a newbie—how would I know which is right? :)


That is totally right. In fact, I would even say that a word "вчитель" is a tad more common


Оh! is this kind of exercise is new? Or does it already exist in other languages?


I mean the exercises where you have to orally translate a sentence. I haven't seen it in any of my other languages.


I think I have seen it available only on the mobile app (and only for the Swedish course). Duo may be spreading this exercise for the other courses :D (though I have never done one of them, yet)


I've seen it in the Dutch course too now and I really hope they spread this exercise :)

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