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  5. "Elmalar o adadan geliyor."

"Elmalar o adadan geliyor."

Translation:The apples are coming from that island.

May 30, 2015



Could anyone tell me plz why there is an "O" in the sentence if there is already "Elamalar"


The "o" here is serving as "that": "o ada(dan)" = "(from) that island."


But wouldn't it make more sense to do "'şu adadan"?


I think they both work. Was "şu adadan" not accepted? (I haven't tried "şu" in this sentence, but most of the sentences here seem to accept both "şu" and "o" as translations for "that.")


Thank you very much


How could the apples come from an island? Are they taking a bus or a plane? Is it wrong to say "The apples are from the island", the original place of the apples, the place where they'he been pick up from!?


This sentence is talking about the place of origin of the apples. I have added "The apples are from the island" as an alternative.


Not "Apples from that Island are coming" ?


Nope, that would be more like "O adadan olan elmalar geliyor." "from that island" is modifying "apples" in your sentence and modifiers always precede what they modify in Turkish. always


Can I say "elmalar adadan geliyor" without the "o"? is it correct?


It's grammatical Turkish, but it's not a correct translation of the English sentence. Without the "o," you're saying, "the apples are coming from the island," and the English sentence here has the apples coming from that island.


Thank you, I started now to feel better how the "o" is used in the sentence. I thought it refers to the "apples", while actually it refers the "island", so it gives the meaning of "that Island".


"The apples come from that island" was accepted. In English, this would mean that the island is the source of the apples, NOT that the apples are right now being transported from the island to the mainland.... But I thought that "geliyor" had to mean the latter only. Can anyone clarify, please? Thank you.


He is bringing the apples from that Island???


I keep hearing odadan instead of aradan


How could we say: "He is buying apples from the island"?


O, elmalar adadan alıyor? (The comma is required because otherwise it would mean "He is buying those apples from the island") Just an opinion; not a native Turkish speaker. Confirm, anyone?

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