"They will eat fish and vegetables in the restaurant."

Translation:Íosfaidh siad iasc agus glasraí sa bhialann.

May 30, 2015

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I feel that the answer here for fish should be "éisc" and not "iasc"


I think that iasc is used here as a mass plural (“fish” as in “fish flesh”) rather than as an individual fish.


Yes that's what I thought but I felt that that was a hangover from English because we don't use a plural of fish in English. As I am not a native Irish speaker I didn't know what is more natural to say 'as Gaeilge' in the above context - iasc or éisc.


If it’s a hangover from English, it’s been in Irish since at least Dinneen’s time. Feoil is also treated as a mass plural, e.g. An itheann tú feoil Dé hAoine?, despite the existence of a countable plural feolta. (Of course, English has a countable plural “fishes” as well a mass plural “fish”.)


Well that is interesting thanks. I'd say you're on the money with it being a mass plural.


Perhaps, but maybe it was a huge fish?

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