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  5. "Павук!"


Translation:A spider!

May 30, 2015



I only understood two words of that song. And it was great. But the music video! Now I really want to learn Ukrainian so I can figure out what was happening!


It's awesome! This group will be my soundtrack for Ukranian course :)


oh, man, I was with my headphones on, opened the link in a new tab, not seeing the video, and was effing terrified by those fly sounds xD


it sounds so cute:)


thank you for this


I'm really curious about who sings it?


I don't really know. Just some not well-known singers, I guess. Do you know who did the Russian version?


No, I don't know too. I suppose it in Ukranian, not Russian. I know not to much Ukranian choirs, only "Думка", "Пикардийская терция", "Даха-браха" (folk ensamble, meanwhile it's not choir). Anyway, thanks for sharing!

UPD: I found it! It an official dubbing for film:

Хор "Сімпсони" на початку, пісні "Гімн Спрингфілда" та "Свин-павук" виконує ансамбль "Мрія". Керівник - Віктор Ретвицький.


I know that it is an official dubbing :) This song exists in different languages, so I was wondering if you knew anything about a Russian version :)


I doubt that Russian version can be performed by choir :) For me it was big news about singing for official dubbing. In Russia choirs work for cinema not very often. Ukranian version seems really good though. I need to watch it from now :)


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IaiO_6DQkvo :)

Every Simpson song was translated into Ukrainian for the cartoons


Thank you! But I found performance from first link in Ukranian is better. I defenetly declare it as choir singer in the past :—)

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    What? Why does is say spider is wrong? It must be "a spider"????

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