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"A ring is placed in the barmbrack."

Translation:Cuirtear fáinne sa bhairín breac.

May 30, 2015



Had to look up what barmbrack is.


Me too. In Mexico they make something like that with little toys and things inside it for 6 January (holiday of "Reyes Magos" or 3 Kings/Wise Men).


Ta sé sin go han-suimiúil. There are a few other things that used be put in the Bairín Breac with different meanings, like a coin and a bit of rag, but nowadays just the ring. The person who gets it will marry before next Halloween. The person who gets the coin will be wealthy, the person who gets the rag will be poor and so on.


We usually got the tokens in Colcannon at Halloween - brack was usually bought in the shop, and only came with a ring.


I always associate colcannon with the threshing since my family never cook it but there's always have a stand selling it at the threshing festival. I never had a bairín braic with anything other than a ring in it but I know other symbolic items used to be added in. Most shop bairín braics avoid the ring now as well since it's a choking hazard as far as big company insurance people are concerned. I suppose that's fair but it just isn't the same.


Yes we got money wrapped in tin foil, it was called curly cale in Dublin. Good fun with six siblings laughing at who ever got the least amount of money.


Curly Kale is the plant that you use to make colcannon - some people make Colcannon with cabbage, but in our house we only had colcannon when there was curly kale in the shop (possibly because kale can be a bit tough on its own).


It's not Halloween without it!


Barmbrack and butter with cold beer. What's not to like?

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