"I am telling him."

Translation:Ben ona diyorum.

May 30, 2015

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Are söylüyorum and diyorum interchangeable, please?


There is a shared range of meaning between "söylemek" and "demek" that allows them to be used interchangeably in many cases. As others have noted, however, each has their own extended range of meaning that is not interchangeable. "Söylemek" corresponds roughly to "to speak" whereas "demek" corresponds to "to say" or "to mean." When recounting conversations verbatim, demek is used (e.g. "Hayır" dedim.). Also, the correct way to ask what something means is "------ ne demek?" As others mentioned, lies ("yalan") and songs ("şarkı") are "spoken" ("söylemek").


Mostly yes, they are interchangeable. "söyle-mek" also means "to order (eg. a drink at a cafe)". You cannot use "diyorum" for that case.


Thank you very much.


'söylemek' also could mean 'sing' but you cannot use 'demek' in this case

şarkı söylemek = to sing a song

'demek' might mean 'mean' but 'söylemek' does not

bu ne demek şimdi?! = what does this mean now?!


Two more of such expressions:

yalan söylemek (to lie) - (not *yalan demek)

X demek (to say X, where the X is just one word in nominative) Like: "Yeter demek (to say enough is enough)", "Hayır demek (to say no)" etc.


Why are we using ona and not onu?



Good morning

"I am telling him." Translation: Ben ona diyorum.

Ona - Him/her & it. To him/her & it.

Onu - "that" or "that one."

Why are we using ona and not onu?

Ben onu isterim - I want that.

Different meanings.

Thank you


"I am telling him." Translation: Ben ona diyorum.


"Ben ona söylüyorum."

"Ona söylüyorum."

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