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  5. "The soup is hot!"

"The soup is hot!"

Translation:La supo estas varmega!

May 30, 2015



Isn't "varmegas" really hot though? I wasn't marked wrong for using varmas, but I'm not sure why varmegas should be a better translation for just hot. Is it because it's exclamatory?


Lernu's dictionary says:

varmeta = lukewarm

varma = warm

varmega = hot

So, I'd go with that, they're a reliable source.


I don't think you can make it that clear. What is exactly the difference between warm and hot? Surely you can sometimes translate varma with hot. Many languages don't distinguish between warm and hot. Varmega is hotter than varma, but where you put the limit between the 2 words is up to you. When you speak about food I think varma would often be hot.


Exactly, it’s completely up to you, perceived temperature is completely subjective. You will still be understood; I was just providing a dictionary reference.


Not too sure. I would think Vera's would be accepted.


I think "varmega" is "hot" because "varma" is "warm."


Varma is hot and varmeta is warm (which may be confusing because "varma" sounds a lot like the English "warm").


Well, at any rate, it goes from a bit warm to really very warm when you go varmeta–varma–varmega. I am not going to think about it in terms of English equivalents too explicitly, myself.


Keep in mind that varmeta is often listed as lukewarm, which is neither warm nor cool = tepid.


I was marked correct after using varmas, so I guess they agreed with you.

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