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The mobile version ABSOLUTELY needs the grammar tips and notes section

I know a lot of people who use Duolingo exclusively on the mobile app. And they were completely unaware that the desktop version had tips and notes for grammar. Personally, I can't imagine learning a language without being able to read about grammar. Is this issue being worked on yet? I think this improvement would greatly increase the effectiveness of the mobile version of Duolingo.

May 30, 2015



I also wish the mobile version had the feature of sending error reports because sometimes I've found glitches that I can't report to be corrected like I can on the desktop version...


Are there any news on this? It's been one year. I haven't used duolingo for a while and was wondering if anything new happened.


Another year and still nothing. At least I can hop on duolingo.com in my phone's browser and view the tips and notes. But initially my learning was severely handicapped because it was never explained that Norwegian's possessive adjectives change depending on gender, number, and even sentence structure. It was infuriating to continually get questions wrong and have no idea why.


Yet another year and yet another lack of progress on this. Quite pathetic at this point really.


Nope. Nothing, still. It's super sad and disheartening. Really wish the developers would focus on usability, and not how flashy their app looks.


I am very frustrated because I uninstalled the app and put the desktop version in my phone's front page, just so I could have the tips and notes, which used to show if you had the direct link to the browser version, but now they changed that too and I can't have tips and notes on my phone at all! LET US HAVE OUR GRAMMAR ON THE GO, DUDE!


Just wanted to jump in here to voice my strong agreement with this. I absolutely need these notes to learn, and honestly thought my iPad app was buggy when I started using it recently (after having used the website for a while). Everyone learns differently, and I think it's very wrong for an education company like Duolingo to try and force us to learn in a way that just doesn't work for all of us. They already have these notes readily available - it really isn't that difficult to make them accessible via the mobile apps. As someone else said, trying to do these lessons without the tips and notes is really like trying to do your homework with half the textbook pages ripped out. It's a terrible experience, and makes the app 100% useless to me until they're finally included.

Has anyone from Duolingo commented on this at all?


I have this recurrent issue with duolingo. The community is absolutely fantastic, but it would really be nice to have people from duolingo commenting on peoples' concerns. I've seen this when there have been other issues as well.

I started learning on my laptop, but would love to learn on the move with my phone (which I actually avoid doing because I don't have tips and notes.... Otherwise you're learning by trial and error and it just becomes a game of regurgitation!)

This comment is 3 years old, before I started using duolingo so it is sad to see that this is not a priority, even though people still are saying this. https://www.change.org/p/luis-von-ahn-tips-and-notes-on-the-duolingo-app


Guys, we truly absolutely need it! I would give all my lingots for this discussion but got tired of clicking after 10 or so :D


Exactly. I suppose there are other things that the DL team is needing to add first, but I have always seen this as a major priority that was confusing not to see yet. The tips and notes are available if you use Duolingo in a mobile browser, but not in the app.


What feature would you give a higher priority than explaining grammar?


Yes! New courses in Klingon and GoT? Yech, gimme a break! What an insult to the major languages still not up, even in versions for English speakers (Chinese? Arabic? Farsi?) let alone the many smaller languages, many at risk of dying out, for whom Duolingo might just be a lifebelt? But yeah, I'm really hanging out for 'tips and notes ' on the mobile version, and interested to read here that others had the same experience I had of once being able to get them, on a phone, via the web version, but this was withdrawn.


I believe they just have the languages someone creates courses for. Native speakers need to get at them and start writing.


Right. They need to get their act together like the native Klingon and Valyrian speakers did!


A textbox is literally in the literal sense the easiest thing to program. There's a reason Hello World is the first code teachers make their students write, page one of all of those BASIC and C textbooks.

Come on Duolingo, this is amateur stuff that's causing a lot of dropoff.


The staff seems to be very active on Twitter, but not so concerned about this forum. Can someone with a twitter account ask them to comment here?


Thank you munderlohsean for speaking up. I would very much appreciate this feature on all mobile platforms. It's okay to repeat a language where I already know the grammar. But learning Turkish through guessing? Got to be kidding me. The mobile app is unusable for new grammar. If I wanted to learn vocabulary only, there are much better resources than Duolingo available.

So with the push to more and more languages and the idea to make Duo available for everyone (meaning exclusive mobile users) it's confusing to hear nothing from the staff for this extended period of time. And really, there are languages that are just to different from English to skip on the grammar. This is much more needed than fancy costumes for the mascot.


They say the future is mobile but I have found most websites mobile apps are not great and missing essential features. If I'm not mistaken the mobile app also misses this discussion area where I've found so many people that are helpful and able to clarify things I am stuck on and driving me crazy.

Some people use the mobile version of the website and not the app saying it has more of the desktop site features. IDK (I don't know) I wasn't aware the mobile version was missing the tips and notes too.


My girlfriend doesn't even have a computer, but she has an android cellphone, and internet in Argentina isn't fast enough to use duolingo in the chrome app


I use my mobile device for 95% of my Duolingo study. It is critical, especially for Mandarin Chinese, to have the Tips and Notes available to read through at the beginning of each lesson...so I know what the heck is going on! Please add the Tips and Notes to the mobile app. It seriously can't be that difficult to add. There is nothing interactive about it...just text.


I don't think Duolingo cares, tbh.


I would unfortunately have to agree with this statement. It appears that Duolingo's main aim is to turn this into a monetised platform anove all else. More effort has been put into this concept than the simple but very effective addition of the 'tips and tricks' feature.


Well, I wish we could tag them somehow. Can we? We could send Emails too. I believe this will be a good challenge/opportunity for Duolingo, to prove how they respond, because this is a major issue and I believe it wouldn't take long to solve. It would make our beloved app so much better.

So, I downloaded LingVist the other day, and they have taken grammar categorization/tips to the next level as far as I saw. That platform is amazing concerning grammar tips, etc. - although they are focused only on cards-style learning, and thus Duolingo has absolutely more variety during the lesson.

I have subscribed for a year in Duolingo, and I seriously love the Owl with a passion, at the same time I honestly feel like I need to see how good the customer service is towards an annual subscriber. Will definitely pop an Email or two about this.


The sad thing is duolingo used to have grammar tips. They got rid of them about a year ago with a random up grade. Very frustrating had to stop using the so as I wasn't really learning anything, just trying to figure things out with no clear direction. Unfortunate.


I only accidentaly just learned of this, because some guy in the comments reffered to "the notes from X section". WHY isnt this added, it's so simple to do?!


Not having the grammar notes makes the mobile version useless (to me). I need the notes to understand the grammar behind the few examples in the lesson. This is core functionality that is missing from the mobile app.


I agree completely. The app feels like it is in alpha version compared to the website, even though it's been out for years.


Update: I heard that the mobile apps used to have the tips and notes section, but then they got rid of it since not a lot of people used it. I think they should put it back in since it's the right thing to do.


Major issue, my wife uses Safari and DL crashes everytime she uses it on her ipad so she has to use the app which runs fine but the lack of grammar notes are really frustrating


That's incredible. I've been struggling through German exclusively in the app for a few months and had no idea how I was supposed to know some of the answers. I've pretty much worked them out now (Thanks to other books and the internet) but these grammar notes are completely invisible. I mean there's not even a hint.

I know DuoLingo is free but this lack of a feature is really, really annoying. I've wasted a huge amount of time chasing down explanations you already had. Apparently you have the technology to show advertisements but not the Notes and Tips? How does that work?


2 years later and this has still not been fixed. In fact it has been made worse by stripping the mobile website of tips and notes as well (why on earth?) and no longer allowing mobile browsers to request the desktop version. So from a mobile device there is now literally no possible method for viewing the tips and notes.

This is a pretty serious problem. I do all my DL from mobile devices and this is an absolute showstopper. Please fix this.

Adding the possibility of viewing discussions of each lesson like you can on desktop would be a fantastic improvement as well. Please please consider this.


I've been able to access all the content on my phone until about two months ago. Suddenly, in the middle of a lesson, it switched to this other version with no tips and lots of missing content. I use this Web site mostly through my phone and without the tips and notes it is making learning german rather more difficult. Also, now when I do the exercises it tends to freeze up and I can't finish them about 70% of the time. It sucks!


It doesn’t work with duolingo


Works for me in Landscape mode.


Exactly right Plz Plz Plz FIX IT duolingo


I don't know why you say that the duolingo website no longer allows for requesting the desktop version. That is not a website feature but a browser feature. Here on Google Chrome on Android on a mobile phone, I can easily go to the browser menu and request the desktop version.

If they had made some block against this, it is gone by now.

This is still an irritating and unnecessary hindering, though. I hope tips and notes will be available on all devices and app in the future. At least as a simple roll-down text, if the design should remain unaltered.


You really would think it would be that simple but apparently it isn't. On duolingo i hit "request desktop version" in any browser but still get the crippled mobile version. It works for some users, like yourself, but not for others like me. It isn't a pure browser feature. There is a reason the formulation is "request". You're still viewing the same address so it's up to duolingo what version to send you. Maybe android and iphone send different requests and duolingo's developers make a difference for whatever reason? Here is a screencap where i have clearly requested the desktop version but am still seeing the mobile version: http://pix.toile-libre.org/?img=1504781159.png


I see. Odd and very unfortunate.


It is based on your screen width. Turn your phone in landscape mode.


It's worse than that still, as they're now encouraging subscriptions which 1) don't work properly, and 2) culling features.

Paying money for less functionality has never seemed like a great idea.


Two years later and we're still waiting. And yet they expect me to pay for some premium version? Are they joking?


No idea how this hasn't been implemented yet. Surely it can't be that hard. I have friends who gave up on duolingo because they didn't realize that the grammar lessons even existed.


I completely agree! I 'liked' the original post a little while back, but adding a comment now in case that also makes a difference. It seems like a relatively simple add. Please help us, Duolingo!


The tips and notes are essential for learning any language. Therefore if duolingo wants people to use the app then they really need to add it


I agree...I downloaded duolingo on my mobile you know to learn something on my way and I am SO frustated there is NO grammar. It just makes no sense without grammar notes.


Posted two years ago!? Come on! This is definitely a must-have on the app!


This is a huge disadvantage to their apps! Has Duolingo even formally addressed this issue? I'd think including the tips and notes wouldn't be technically difficult. So if they could explain why in this mobile first world we live in today they have crippled their apps that would help. I'm advancing very slowly in my Turkish because I can't see tips and notes on my phone so I only do new lessons on desktop.


Please put the tips and notes on the app. You're leaving the most important part of learning a new language out.


Agreed. The tips and notes are very useful. I have been looking for them on the android app and my searching led to this discussion. I alternate between using Duolingo on a tablet and my desktop machine, so I can go back to see the notes I missed while on the tablet, but many people don't have that option.


This. I know about the notes and tips in the desktop version, and while the mobile version is more convenient, I feel restricted to using Duolingo on the desktop, because I can understand it better.


I just explored Duolingo on the website. Holy moley -- Tips and Notes?! I've been going through this whole course blind! It's like someone ripped out half of the pages of a text book. I can still figure it out, but I felt like I was missing something important.


I've been using a tablet only and supplementing with books. I'll have to go back to the beginning and start reading the darn Tips and Notes.


Come on Duolingo, the whole Duolingo is great but this is the only annoying thing! ;)


Is there any official statement regarding this issue?


It's 2 years later. How is this still not a thing?


I agree and to this day, two years after your post, its still not available


Just throwing my cosign on this. Was trying to learn German on my android (I don't have access to a computer) and I got up to exercises on the Accusative Case before it appeared to me that I was really just guessing as opposed to learning. Needless to say, this resulted in me leaving the app to find another resource on the subject, which I suppose was also me finding a good reason not to return to the app. Nice one Duolingo, I'm sure that's just what you want your mobile users to do. Using Duolingo on your mobile feels like using a recipe book that includes only the ingredients and not the method.


Workaround for Android devices and iOS devices with a big screen

  • The grammar "Tips and notes" are available in the desktop mode of the browser of your phone/tablet.

  • In the Firefox browser you can select the "Desktop mode" via the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen.
    (Note: This may be not working on iOS phones with a small screen)


I couldn't agree more... Duolinguo people if you read us..


This is very very important, the tips and tutorials explain grammar, they are essential for learning, you can't do without them. I used to access them using request desktop version on Chrome now it doesn't work. This is idiotic.


What an absurd oversight.


3 years later, no sign of this still.


why this feature still not there in app???


I couldn't agree more!


I can't believe this is still a thing. I didn't even know I could use the mobile Web site, and I have been missing so much just using the Android app. Unfortunately the mobile website is slow and buggy. I really hope there are plans to improve the mobile app...


This must be given top priority. I had previously thought duolingo wad just expecting me to guess and check the language. Please, PLEASE add this to the app. We needed it yesterday


I've just started learning Danish on the iPad app. I happened to go on the website today and noticed all the tips and notes....suddenly makes everything a lot clearer!

This really does need to be added to the app.


Still an issue! Just put a tips and notes link on a lesson and link to the text... we will love you!


Please add the grammar notes to the mobile app and also return them to the mobile version of the website. I have only just returned to using duolingo after a break of almost a year and am very disappointed with how the mobile site is now. I am now seriously considering leaving and checking out memrise instead as I have heard great things about it. I do love duolingo though so it would be a real shame...


I had been making steady progress in Spanish and French, but it's been seeming more difficult as of late. I had assume it's just because the sentences are getting more complex, but I think the main reason is that Duolingo mobile has had me relying almost entirely on developed intuition and so I haven't been building up a low-level understanding of the grammar and conjugations. Now, I NEED that base of low-level understanding, and I have to sit at my desktop to get it. Ugh.


This has been annoying for me for ages. If they want to stay competitive with other services they need to add this.


Why has this STILL not been solved?? Notes should be available for the app too!


Can Duolingo please take us seriously?

It's so redundant to do the lessons on the app but then still log into the browser to view the grammar notes. With some languages, you'll be left clueless as to how things work without the notes and you won't learn anything at all.


This is madness. How can we learn with no instruction in the app first? The website is not always accessible!


I agree. The tips and notes really help.


I first heard of Duolingo online and downloaded the app in early 2013. German looked interesting and I began learning. Unfortunately, I spent months trying to understand the basics, such as grammatical things like conjugations. I never really understood it, getting everything wrong in the process. Unable to progress further than the fifth set of skills, I eventually gave up and abandoned Duolingo.

Around a year later, I revisited Duolingo through the website and I finally understood my problem through the tips and notes section. The diagrams, lists, and the tables; Finally, for the first time, my problems are understood. Everything makes sense. This was a major help and I am progressing through my German very well.

Now, all of this could have been avoided if the mobile app contained the tips and notes section, as that was beneficial to my progress of German.


I usually use the iOS app to do lessons, and only use the website for forums, messages and Immersion. I'm also not aware of the app lacking grammar notes...is there a big difference?


On the desktop version, the lessons will usually have a page of information containing explanations of grammar rules. The IOS app doesn't have this.


Try learning from the Web version on your phone there is a new mobile layout to the pages that beats the app.

Note, the mobile layout might be an ab test I'm in. I won't go back to the app anymore though.


I am agreed with you! It'll be easier for us to practice any language if Duolingo Team add tips and notes to its app. I wish I did start with this PC instead of app so I can understand much better. Also, I would suggest to use colors on words for visual learners too.

[deactivated user]

    I agree. I mainly use my tablet (and my sofa).


    I couldn't agree more. Essential feature. Does anyone know if they are working on it now?


    Bump. Quite disappointing that I have to go the desktop first to read the tips then doing the lessons on my phone.


    Did you get any answer or promise from them? I'd really want to know if it'll be in and if it is then when.


    I agree!. Please, add the grammar tips to the mobile version!


    100% agree. We totes need the notes.


    It's beyond frustrating that this has been going on for over a year and they still haven't added this. Seriously...I find it gross being told how I should learn, especially when the resources to learn in my own way are right. there. They've already gone to all the work of compiling the tips and notes...just add them!

    Duolingo is an educational company, supposedly...don't they recognize that one size does not fit all, and that different students have different learning styles?


    I've been working my way through German on the app and doing OK, but there were a number of times I just didn't understand why I was using one word over another, or a certain form of a word. I decided to check out the desktop version one day, and I was floored! I really don't get why the notes are not available in the app. I love using it because it's easy to access, but now I try to make sure I use the desktop version at least once per section. Otherwise it's like trying to use an instruction manual with pages ripped out.


    The notes and grammar tips on the website for me are now gone! What the heck is going on! I'm so frustrated. Is anyone else having this issue now? The format is almost identical now to the mobile ap and they've gotten rid of the speaking lessons as well. It's like duolingo is trying to make itself worse...


    I think I am having the same issue. When I login in to Doulingo with chrome it is identical to the app, no tips and notes


    I find this discussion very weird. I didn't know that Duolingo was so different from a country to the other..... I am from Brazil and I have been using Duolingo there is almost one year. Until a week ago, the mobile version (via web, not the app) allowed you to see all the tips and notes for all lessons. Since the beginning it was like that for me. But then this last week they updated the layout of the whole site, and now the tips and notes are not available anymore by the mobile, via web or app.....So many people already complaining because of it and still they insist on making the tips and notes even less accessible!!!


    Totally agree. This has frustrated me as well. While there can be valid arguments made about the effectiveness of 'learning on the spot', I find some chapters just go so far over my head that I can't even understand what I'm supposed to do! I would absolutely love if Duolingo could implement an optional tips and notes for mobile. UPVOTE!!!!


    I cannot aggree more, myself and 3 family members were hooked on the app, trying to improve our German and Spanish then lost the motivation to continue because of the lack of grammatical context - PLEASE ADDRESS THIS URGENTLY


    I absolutely agree. My girlfriend stopped using it because the mobile version lacks the tips. The only time I have for doing duolingo is in a train, bus and so on. And that only works with a mobile device nicely.


    They desperately need to be added because some courses are mobile-exclusive(Korean, Japanese) and you can't access grammar notes for them at all, which makes everything quite difficult.


    2 years and nothing, I think that they drop out the project.


    Wow. Still not addressed. It has caused me to lose steam in my learning. I’m not interested in using the desktop internet version from my phone. Defeats the purpose. Can’t believe this hasn’t been fixed yet.


    ...3 years old?! *swears copiously


    I know. Honestly, this is what keeps me from going plus. I have stared at the purchase button a hundred times now and every time I back away with the same trepidation. I use the service everyday, mostly on my laptop because the browser version is better insofar as being able to read the grammatical tips and hints and being able to test out of things I already know (I had already completed the Russian skill tree before the switch to Crown Levels). But it would be so much more convenient for me, as someone who travels a lot, to have consistency across all platforms. The app does add the clubs and the leaderboard, but the engagement and motivation that produces varies by language I gather. For example, in the Russian one, there’s no public chatter in Russian. Even if there was, it doesn’t seem like there’d exist someone present competent or willing enough to moderate it, so the likelihood of everyone just misusing the language and learning bad habits is high. The club activities literally accept any input in Cyrillic and give 2xp. It’s much more motivating to follow my friends and compete that way which can be done on the web version. I understand, or at least seem to perceive that Duo is going for something more social with the app, but if I can’t get a universal experience across all platforms it becomes frustrating. That is especially so when, for example, some achievements can only be done on a specific platform (mobile vs. web), or the currency is different, with a different balance despite time invested, or a health bar for practice that limits progress (mobile). I write this now from Safari on my iPad with a bar across the top asking me to open the app. In truth, I’m contemplating deleting it and claiming the space back and sticking to the browser for a consistent and satisfying experience. It feels like it can’t decide what it wants to be, and that uncertainty leaves me hesitant to invest in it, although I want to support a generally great product. It just doesn’t seem mature enough in the lifecycle yet to be worth the asking price. Just my 2 cents.


    I use Duolingo on chrome browser on my Android. It gives you the option to view the desktop version of the site. That allows me to view the notes as well. And have any features I was missing out on such as typing the answers out myself rather than using the flashcards. I still don't see why the app doesn't allow these features as the interface is pretty good but it's going to waste. All of it.


    I've been using the Duolingo app to keep up with my Mandarin and to start learning Vietnamese, and this just blew my mind. The Chinese one wasn't that bad (since I've studied it for years), but I was really struggling with Viet due to a lack of supplemental details. Looking on the website just changed everything, and I'm pretty mad at the devs for not including this. On my app I can see the notes for Mandarin, but not Vietnamese. Completely nonsensical to include them on some courses and not others. Probably would've wasted less time if I knew there was something beyond the lessons themselves.


    A lot of people, I know, use the mobile app as their main learning tool - Duolingo should state that, if the notes and tips aren't going to be included, the app should be used alongside the website.


    Same here. The tips show up for my Spanish and when I did Mandarin it also showed up, but not on my Scandinavian or Greek :(


    I totally agree. I started learning German on the app and was so lost that I essentially gave up. Now I practically live off of the tips and notes for Turkish, otherwise I would still be saying "O adam."


    As someone else pointed out, the extended section for each exercise is also missing. It would be nice to be able to drill down for clarification or to post a question about a specific exercise, as well as read others' feedback.


    I cannot upvote this enough. Please add this!


    Use the mobile browser version of the app instead of the actual mobile app. It includes the tips and notes.

    My pattern is to use the browser version for the start of each lesson group, so that I can see the notes. Then I switch to the mobile app, since it supports the microphone and speech better.


    Post created 1 year ago, still no grammar notes. :(


    DL doesn't seem to care about adding basic functionality to their app.


    Yeah bro I'm sad too I don't have computer only my iPhone And IOS users doesn't have features see comments words informations etc, that's so sad ;((((


    I didn't know that this was an option until a few days ago. I've been using since 2012 and could never keep it up for more than a few weeks because I was so confused. The lessons are essential, and their absence is inexcusable.


    Completely agree. Even a link to the lesson in browser would be helpful.


    Tips and notes for mobile Firefox users: go to Duolingo site, tap browser menu (i. e. three vertical dots in upper right corner), select 'full version of the site' from the menu, voila.


    As multiple people in this discussion have noted, that doesn't work. At least not for all users. I just tested for the nth time and nope, no luck.


    Try again as svanhild19 said, with your mobile go to the website in the upper right side you see three vertical dots tap it __> request for destop site Click this and it shows you the excact destop version and tips and note and enjoy it :)


    This is exactly what i have have been doing. I tried it again now on the off chance that something should have changed. It hasn't. It does not work for all users. I don't know if it's a os related problem (i am on ios), or if duo itself is doing something wrong for some users or what. It is evidently not a problem with any of the browsers as it does not work in ANY of them. My solution has been to download the "full browser" app which explicitly pretends to be a desktop browser, so it'll always get the desktop version, and doesn't depend on whether the web developers think they know better than the mobile user requesting the desktop version or not.


    Really? How it did not work?! Did you try the golden key "three dots" ?


    Desktop mode appears to be impossible on some iOS phones with a "small" screen.
    It should work in all Android phones with a rather recent Android version


    I tried the way you guided via firefox but there wasnt anything like which you said Could you pls explain more? Tnx


    I have a different interface language, in English correct menu option name is 'Request desktop site'. My Firefox version is 54, so try to update it in case you still have no option like that. Here is the screenshot of how it looks in my case: http://rgho.st/7tSfym4Q4 . Also my solution is not permanent, and tips keep disappearing periodically. But you can restore it by repeating my solution.


    Oh my GOD !!! IT WORKS IT WORKS I am so excited nowww I must appreciate you @ Svanhild19 for your help Just now i tried via mobile browser (chrom) and i tap 3 vertical dots that you mentioned and there was an option " request for desktop site" and i clicked that and then appeared full version site then like desktop version i went to a lesson and i accessed to TIPS NOTES .... oh i am so happy All you could do this just pay attention to 3 vertical dots and the different option What a pity that screenshot button of my mobile is damaged and i cant send you screenshot Again thank you @Svanhild19 for your very effective guidance


    I should give you lingot for your very effective guidance , THANK YOU SO MUCH now i can use tips and notes


    I had assumed that duolingo was an app-focused product and thought it was incredibly strange how they expect you to determine grammar rules from context in the lessons. Turns out there's a webapp, its better than the android app, and it ACTUALLY HAS LESSONS. No wonder it was so difficult on mobile!

    This thread is from 2 years ago... it cannot possibly be this hard to implement a scrollable page in each lesson in the mobile app. The tips and notes content is already there, we're not asking you to write a crazy amount of content and implement an impossible feature, Duolingo. This is basic Scheiße guys, it should not take 2 years. At the very least tell people on mobile that there are actual written lessons on the website. Maybe then your users wont be stumbling around your lessons wondering why they're not being taught anything.


    This really really needs to be added.


    They just added Korean and I'm trying to learn it on mobile. Holy crap there is some really confusing stuff in that language. Tips and notes would be incredibly helpful, but no such. Even the mobile web version has lost them now. Anyone know a workaround? This is a major issue.


    Did you check again? There are tips and notes on the PC version of Korean.


    I'm raising the stakes. It find missing tips and notes a gross mistake


    Is this ever going to be available on Android/iOS apps?


    Lesson notes in the iPhone app please!


    for iOS

    What I found works on iOS is to forget about the app and create a shortcut on the homescreen directly to the Duolingo site. Practically works just like the app and you get the tips and notes bit


    I use the app and I check the website (on my phone) to check Lesson notes. Then as I work thru the app and begin to feel more confident, I’ll go back to the website and pass off to the next level. I use my mobile exclusively. It works well this way. I’m happy. I’ll like it even better when I can do it all they the app, but I understand that there are limitations in today’s technology.


    Agreed, I just switched to the desktop today and I notice so many more things on desktop.


    After one of the latest updates grammar notes are once again available for everyone on the mobile website. The mechanism they’ve implemented to access them now seems perfect for adding the grammar notes to the mobile app, but for some reason they have not done so.


    I also want to state that this is absolutely necessary.


    Three years have passed since this post and nothing changes. It's frustrating, and developers don't listen to users' feedback...


    The Romance languages and Japanese currently support grammar notes. If you tap on the lesson it will have a light bulb which reveals the notes if you tap it.


    YES PLEASE! Also android users have FOR LOOONG time comments section for lessons but what about iOS???


    Also Windows Phone is lacking this feature.


    for me is also very inconvenient to switch to pc only to tips. Implementation on iPad would help a lot.


    Yeah I wasn't aware of it either until very recently. They really should have a little mobile-friendly animation at the beginning of a lesson to explain the basics...


    +1 I agree the mobile version should have Tips and Notes that the desktop (browser) version shows


    Come on Duolingo, get your act together re mobile app and grammar hints and tips!


    Until this issue is fixed, you could go onto the duolingo website on your phone using your webbrowser. It's the same website as using a computer so the grammar tips are still there. I still wish this feature was on the app though because thats kinda the whole point of the app; to be able to use duolingo easily on your phone


    Can you, though? I just tried that, even requested Desktop site, but it's still the same mobile version with no tips and notes.


    Okay. When I wrote this comment I could use the tips on the website on my phone instead of using the app. But I just tried again, and as you've said; it doesn't work :-?


    I tried but there wasnt :(((


    Totally agree


    I think they are not aware that the grammar lesson are not available on android.

    Looks very unprofessional.


    Really? Is it possible???!!!!


    Absolutely, how much do you think it costs to hire an Android developer and get the grammar lessons in the app?

    They could use a web frame inside the android app to display the grammar.

    If it has not been done, either they run out of money, or they don't care.


    As of a few days ago it seems you can't access the tips and notes from the mobile site either.

    This discussion is over 2 years old, how has this basic feature not been implemented?


    I believe after they had read that users could access tips and notes through the mobile site, they disabled the feature!


    Yes, please make it available to those using Duolingo via the mobile website as well!


    A simple hack: sign-in to duolingo website from your phone - using phone browser. Then ask your browser to pull desktop version of the website. And enjoy tips and notes. Downside = you have to zoom in and out to read better.


    I learned that I can access the grammar from my phone (android) using the chrome browser. I go to www.duolingo.com and then in the browser settings click the box that says "request desktop site". This gives me the full website and allows me to read all grammar from my phone. Hope this helps!


    There seem to be very few notes in the Czech program. I work on my home computer, so am I doing something wrong or do they just not exist yet? It is a huge impediment to learning not to have the notes and it makes it almost not worth doing. I am thinking of dropping out if I can't find more notes. Where can one see what notes exist for Czech?


    Who else has tried to plunge head first into an Ugric language with no written introduction? It’s not easy, says this native English speaker! This thread has been here for TWO YEARS!!! Come on, you guys!


    However, I do think that regardless of notes or no notes, you should always consult a second source for language learning, like a website specializing in it, a textbook, or even just its Omniglot or Wikipedia page. But, first and foremost, it would be nice to have the complete Duolingo lesson, not just the exercises, as the creators intended.


    Absolutely agreed. I think it is too late already.


    Adding my voice to this as well. I use the android mobile app pretty much exclusively, and having tips and notes available in the app would be so helpful. I often turn to the comments section to get similar information, and that's not really what it's meant for...

    I was disappointed that they just rolled put a whole new ui recently, but didnt think to add tips and notes. Here's hoping theres some plans in place to make this happen.


    Absolutely agree. I had no idea that Duolingo even HAD a web version, as it's not mentioned or linked to anywhere in the app! I only happened upon the info as I read someone saying to check the tips and notes in the comments on a question, and Googled it after a fruitless search of the app and realising theres no help or FAQ link in the app either...

    This is crazy! For something that's meant to take a few minutes a day, the vast majority of users must be mobile by now. Going by the sheer number of posts here, there's some reason they're ignoring this major flaw but I really can't imagine why. Please, please add this feature Duolingo!!


    been 3 years and mobile version still sucks!


    This has finally been implemented in the app (at least on Android}, at least, for Spanish! This is a very good sign indeed! Now that we know the ability to see the lesson notes in the app exists, I'm back to using Duolingo on a consistent basis. Looking forward to seeing the other languages get this as well. Thank you Duolingo crew!


    The Duolingo developer (or at least management) team has made it clear through their actions that they want the mobile versions (web page, Android app, iOS app) to remain crippled. Their reasons why remain a mystery.

    Advice to readers: Try some other app. Don't hold your breath for functional improvements to Duolingo's mobile versions. The company only seems to care about monetization and visual bling. They seem to have actively crippled their mobile platform, rendering it unuseful to would-be learners by restricting access to their own explanatory materials.

    I note, however, that the explanatory materials are often created by volunteers who are not actually employees of the Duolingo company. Additional Advice to Volunteer Lesson Creators: Don't expect mobile users to be able to see the lessons as you intend.

    Duolingo Devs: People are giving up on Duolingo mobile due to the lack of access to the explanatory lesson materials that you already have. Other similar language-learning platforms are more attractive in comparison, and becoming more so every time you implement a change that doesn't fix this fundamental usability issue (such as by rolling out umpteen updates that only tweak appearances), or worse yet, further limits usability (such as by forcing mobile web users to see only the crippled "web" version that doesn't include lesson tips).

    You're bleeding users. One obvious, simple improvement would be to add the already existing tips and explanatory materials to the mobile versions.

    Collection of related threads:


    After using DuoLingo for YEARS on the mobile app I just discovered the tips and notes feature on the desktop version. I feel like I’ve been stumbling around in the dark, or that I’ve had one hand tied behind my back all this time! Not cool! This needs to be a feature on the app!


    Where are the grammar notes and tips? I'm using Duolingo both on my Ipad and my desktop PC. Neither version has grammar notes that I can find. I just started the past participle section and if I hadn't taken a Spanish course years ago would have been totally confused. There are no explanations of the verb forms and how they are conjugated.


    This helped me, so maybe it will help others:

    If you go to www.duolingo.com on a web browser with an iPhone and sign in you can see the tips and notes. It looks to me as if it's just like the desktop version. Another (less convenient) way to get the tips and notes would be to switch back and forth between the DuoLingo app and a browser window opened to the link provided at the bottom of the tips and notes page (usually wikipedia pages). On an iPhone this "switching between apps" is done by double clicking the home button. I suppose the developers could at least add that link to the app as a temporary way to somewhat provide this feature.


    They're a lot more extensive for newer languages, but if you scroll down on the lesson select page within a skill you'll see it on desktop. Not all skills have any and I think spanish and italian have the least of all (none?) so you might have to pop into esperanto or something for an example.


    Try clicking on the Spanish skill "Past Tense" Scroll ALL THE WAY to the bottom of the page, you should see tips and notes.


    Thank you! I see them now.


    I ABSOLUTELY agree with Munderlohsean's post at the top of this thread. I was very surprised to discover the "tips and notes" section on the desktop version. I too am very surprised it is not in the mobile version. So, am adding my voice to this thread. If any Duolingo developers are "listening," please take note of us!


    It would be so nice to have more activity from the duolingo developers on these forums. There have been many posts about adding tips and tricks (and it's a shame they are so old.. it just shows that it's not being taken seriously! But someone started this in one of the posts. Maybe worth signing? https://www.change.org/p/luis-von-ahn-tips-and-notes-on-the-duolingo-app


    Even if they aren't in the mobile app, the appstore and the mobile apps should alert new users to the existence of the tips and notes on the web.


    And where is this section?


    Your comment has just totally changed my learning experience! I had NO idea there was so much content on the website. It all makes a lot more sense now. Basically the App is just an accessory to the website so you can practise on the go!


    Please add the notes section -grammar is critical to learning any language


    I created a wiki to collect tips and notes which is accessible via mobile: http://duonotes.wikia.com/


    Since the notes can be accessed from the site itself using the browser, I'm not sure that helps much. Either way you have to go to the browser, and by using your wiki, they must be kept synchronized?


    I can't log in via the browser, since I log in with google and they (STILL) don't allow google logins on the mobile site.


    On a computer, if you go into your profile settings and set a password, then you can log in via either google, or the password. That should let you work via mobile.


    That didn't work, because a "current password" is required, and my google password didn't work. However, I was able to create a password using the "forgot password" link. I am now able to see the notes via mobile, but I think my little journey through the user account maze demonstrates the need for the wiki I created. I'm sure people will find it useful.


    That's critical... how can't they just display some basic html??


    Does anyone have any copy of tips and note in form of word or pdf or any other form? I really need them and i cant practice and review well without of them If any has pls reply Thanks so much


    Here’s a workaround for iPhone users—go to the Duolingo site in Safari, hit Share at the bottom of the screen, and tap “Add to Home Screen”. Use the newly created app, and it will include grammar tips as well as a lot of the features the native app offers. Still, I definitely agree that the App Store app should display tips by default.


    Currently I think we should note that Duolingo has added the feature to French and some other languages on the mobile app. Hopefully we'll see it on all languages soon.


    Really? I only see notes on Spanish but not on French or any other language.


    Maybe they're doing A/B testing, but I have prelesson tips for French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish on my Android version of the app (and I don't know about every other language).


    This was posted 3 years ago with over 200 responses and I still don’t see grammar notes. Developers obviously not listening to their customers. Will not be continuing with Duolingo.


    They have not implemented them for Russian yet, but they have for the Romance languages and Japanese (and I'm assuming a few other languages)


    I have been using the Android app for 3 months and I just discovered the Duolingo website the other day, completely by accident. There is no clue anywhere in the app that a website even exists. I am trying to figure out how to make use of the site now. I am not sure yet what I can do with it.


    Well, these discussions are useful for one, but the big thing we're talking about in this discussion is how the web version seems to always have a "lightbulb" button that you can click before entering the lesson for grammar tips, which the mobile does not always have.


    If any grammar tips even exist for the Polish language course, they are not reachable from either the Android app or the desktop website (from a PC). Is this a discontinued feature?


    This is probably the most prominent reason learners struggle when starting off in Duolingo: Lack of tips and notes in mobile (even if not on internet). It should be a default feature of the mobile apps. It's not even there for Plus subscribers who pay to have lessons downloaded.

    Their existence should be stated in an intro every course, both web and in the mobile app. This information is important to the thorough understanding of the lessons and ongoing must be reviewed for clarification and to add tips.


    I agree with munderlohsean. It is a shame that there is no grammar on the mobile app and it could be very easy to implement. When this will happen ?


    Not having the "Tips" section in Greek on the iOS app is the difference between me paying or not.


    And another thing - I still don't understand why this differs between languages. Surely it should be a GUI thing which applies to all users?! Some languages now have the tips in the app, so they've built the functionality into the app to display the tips button, but have it turned off for some languages? Why?!


    Probably should have flash cards too.

    FYI I completed the entire Spanish tree using the app, never the website.


    Well maybe you did complete it, but it could have been more enjoyable with grammar lessons. Also it varies with different peoples.


    Yeah, the flascards would be more useful in the app than in the website, imo.


    How???? Without reading the grammer !!


    Because DL is not intended to be the sole source of information when it comes to learning a language. Consider it as a grammar excercise book, always to be complemented by a traditional "Essential Grammar in Use" and "Essential Vocabulary in Use" or whatever are the names of the must-have books in your target language


    Really?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plz learn us how


    Everyone here talks about what a great resource the "Tips and Notes" are on duolingo. I've searched everywhere on the site and cannot find the "Tips and Notes" section. Can someone say specifically how to access the "Tips and Notes?"


    Go to Duolingo.com in the browser and click on a skill. You should see lesson 1 lesson 2 etc. Scroll down and you should see tips and notes.


    Went to a skill, saw Lesson 1, 2, etc., scrolled down to the bottom of the page. Did not see anything that says Tips and Notes. I don't get it. Very frustrating.


    What language are you looking at?


    Welcome to our enlightened plane of existence.


    Are you on a mobile app or a browser? If browser, mobile or desktop?


    Finally figured it out. Not every skill has a Tips and Notes section. After clicking on several different skills, I found one that has a Tips and Notes section. So know I'm in the inner sanctum with those that know.


    How can we reach gramer not via app but the site in mobile I enter the site via my phone and the gramer doesnt appear


    I think it is not going to happen because duolingo has a different approach.


    I have been using the Duolingo app casually for years and I just found out about tips and notes today! I've actually gone to other apps and bought books because there was never any explanation for anything on the Duolingo app. This is a game-changer! Please add tips and notes to the app!


    Fully agree with this post. Doing only the exercises without reading the grammar can make you take wrong assumptions. Grammar tips must be on the phone version too.


    While I agree that studying grammar is not the best way to learn a language, it definitely helps to refine it (otherwise we would never study grammar in our native tongue). I like that the Duolingo grammar lessons are very concise, and it is nice to get that little refresher each time I go through and level up each item in my tree.

    TLDR: It would make my experience so much more enjoyable if the Android app had grammar lessons included. I don't understand why this would have to be implemented on a per language basis, either; it seems like it would be a relatively simple thing to automate the conversion (presumably from one markup and styling language/script to another).


    Agree with this think!


    There are a lot of posts asking about this - people are still posting about this. I don't know how much this will help but someone set up a petition to get duolingo to add tips and notes. https://www.change.org/p/luis-von-ahn-tips-and-notes-on-the-duolingo-app Pleas do sign this guys.


    Duolingo made a good product years ago and haven't done anything useful since. They are more interested in tweaking the UX and making the bird wear a jacket than adding basic features that should have been included from launch.

    I would never pay for this app for that reason, they do not listen to their customers and I would switch to any good alternative.


    The grammar lessons for Spanish are available for me with mobile app but not for Welsh, Norwegian, and Turkish. I’m really unsure why this is so, however.


    Agreed. It's bonkers.


    It’s been 4 years... At least they are keeping to their moto ”Work 5 minutes a day!” Maybe in 20 years they might have fixed one bug... if we are lucky...


    Yes even thought this post is four years old, i am still having problems with the mobile version. It now gives a very brief grammar lesson with each topic. However when i go to the practice makes perfect, i have no idea how they come up with the questions. There is no lesson to review for this. I can see the discussions when i have a problem with a sentence, but there is no way for me to comment on the discussion in the mobile version. I also don’t understand what the leagues are.


    In the Italian class, I just noticed that the MOBILE app had a lenghty discussion on Adverbs and the laptop version had NOTHING - no lightbulb to even click on. Consistency would be good because I am actually copying the tips and notes by section and creating a little book for myself in Word -- it would be nice to not have to drop a bunch of screenshots into Word for some sections.


    Yeah seriously! On my phone I have the tips and notes on my Spanish version, but the tips do not show up on my Norwegian or Greek version... This is really disappointing because the tips really help me with vocab and grammar. They all show up on my laptop and only on my Spanish version when I use my android. PLEASE FIX THIS DUOLINGO!


    I’m really surprised that no changes have been made to this after 4 years. Without the tips, some languages are impossible to learn. Add them to the iOS app please!


    Just put this shortcut onto your device desktop and use it to access the items before you start each section. https://duome.eu/tips/en/cy#FutureBod


    I've just today discovered there is a section of other features that are missing in the app - events, where you can have discussions with other learners, plus a dictionary and a word list where you can track the words you've learned. I just don't understand at all... Adding these features even up to a few months sooner on the site would make some sense, as you could test them there. But just point blank not even bothering to add them to what must be your main platform (and probably where most of your paying customers are) is just ludicrous, and I don't understand it.

    Duolingo seem to have given up even trying to add their new features to the app.


    Is there any reason, why certain languages are missing the button for tips in the app, that are available in the web version?

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