"Aren't they there?"

Translation:Nach bhfuil siad ann?

May 30, 2015

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Still getting 'ann' and 'ansin' muddled up - anyone got any tips on how I can remember when to use one or the other?


Bhfuilid ? What is meaning of id on Bhfuil ? I have not seen this before.


'ann'... = 'í' + 3rd. person sing. masculine/neutral pronoun ...?


ann is an adverb meaning "there" (both positional, as in this case, and existential, as in bhí fear ann fadó - "there was a man long ago").

ann also the singular 3rd person singular masculine pronomial form of the preposition i - "in it". This is used in phrases like tá airde an dorais ann - "he/it is as tall as the door" and lá fuar atá ann - "It's a cold day".

In this case, it is the positional "there", which can sometimes be replaced by ansin.

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