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Finished the Esperanto tree! :D

After almost two days, I finished the Esperanto course! I was already planning to race to the end as soon as it came out, however, I had some bad luck - the course was released at around 8 PM in my timezone, which made it a bit harder to keep going without falling asleep with my face on my keyboard repeatedly. I missed about twelve hours for sleep and four hours for work, but the vast majority of my time the last two days has been dedicated to Esperanto.

I had no prior knowledge of Esperanto - but I know Dutch and English very well and have studied Italian, French, German, Latin and Ancient Greek to varying degrees and that has been a big help. Often, I could easily translate sentences from Esperanto to English, even if there were 'new' words in them. Translating into Esperanto proved to be a lot harder! I used the hints so many times that some of my skills have already decayed.

Esperanto is absolutely an easy language to learn - it doesn't have the myriad of grammatical quirks and exceptions that you find in natural languages, verbs aren't conjugated as much as in Romance languages, etc. In fact, the grammar is so easy to learn that the Esperanto tree uses only one skill to introduce both the past and the future tense! The same happens for the imperative and subjunctive (which are taught in three lessons, and that was actually enough for me to understand them!) And "Education" will also teach you about participles.

Some things that I did find difficult were the (many) affixes and the correlatives. However, the Esperanto team has done a great job of adding extensive Tips & Notes to almost every skill, so even that was not a very big obstacle!

I had so much fun learning Esperanto, and I would definitely recommend you to try it as well. If you're not a patient person, though, it might be better to wait a few weeks until the course is refined a bit more - I've sent maybe hundreds of error reports to the Esperanto team, but luckily they're putting in a lot of effort to deal with all the problems. :)

What's next for me? I'll focus on my other trees for now, since I've neglected them completely, and after that I'll come back to Esperanto and re-do the course - slowly - to truly master the skills. :)

May 30, 2015



(Of course, my greatest accomplishment is that I finished before Alexis did. ;) )


Why do I come up everywhere, I have no part in this cough cough :P


There are worse fates in life than being the Duo-versal benchmark for speedy learning :-)


blush kicks a pebble


Duo-versal, I like it!

I am for some reason reeeeally going slow down on medical and ig/iĝ verbs. I was fully expecting to finish the tree today but I don't think it's going to happen.

Yesterday I just kept falling asleep. I think my brain is still in recovery from Ukrainian last weekend 8-o

I really don't know how people manage to do this intensively for several languages on the trot, it's most impressive!


Congrats! You really worked hard those past two days ;)

I, on the other hand, am stuck at Numbers... Somehow I can't make myself do those 'over-5-lessons' skills. So I guess I'll go slower from now on. But I agree - Esperanto is really fun to learn ;)


Nice :) I'm quite amazed at how quickly you completed the tree!


Wow, that's fast, good job!


Congrats, I've pondered the idea of learning Esperanto but didn't think it would become beneficial in any way. I am going to definitely check into it. I personally believe Swedish is the easiest language for me in all the 10 years of my language learning.


Thank you :) I'd say Esperanto is definitely worth a try for you!


Thank you, I'm definitely going to give it a shot!


Wow, you are really fast! Good luck on your language learning journey :).


Thank you! :)


Here's a lingot, an upvote, and the (without doubt) much needed party food. Great job and you are fun to compete with.


Thank you! I'm really happy that you went along for the race :)


Congratulations. It's really impressive. You were always just a few skills ahead of me ... the whole way I kept checking and I never quite caught up.


Thank you very much :) Good luck with the rest of the course!


Thanks ... 5 skills and 3 lessons to go!


wow you're fast. Haha how many hours would you say it took to finish? Did you stay up for 48 hours straight in order to finish? :P


Nope, I missed about 13 hours for sleep and 4 hours for work. All in all I'd say I spent about 25 hours on the tree. :P


Wow!! That's awesome!! It came out like two days ago and you already finished!! Must have been pretty easy for you! :D


Thank you!! :)


Wow. That's definitely impressive :)


Congratulations. Good job :)


Félicitations! Did your knowledge of Italian help with Esperanto?


Thank you! Absolutely :)


Well done! A pity the time zones played against you in the race, but still a huge achievement.


Thank you! :)


Congratulations!! I'm so glad you enjoyed the course too. You're an extremely fast learner and I bet you'll be speaking Esperanto in no time :)


Thank you very much! :)




Great job and great post. Congratulations!


That's amazing, many congratulations! I think you are the first one to finish having no previous knowledge and 2 days is crazy fast haha. Very big accomplishment!

Even though I had no interest in the language at the beginning (I really did not know much about it) I tried 2 days ago (well I had to hehe) and I've been finding it pretty interesting, I think I'll go through the course slowly and who knows I might finish it on vacations!


Thank you very much! :) As far as I know I was the second, julesmGGF finished before me.

Good luck with the course!


Gratulon! Nun vi povas uzi Esperanton. Refoje gratulas vin, vi eniris al granda familio de Esperanto.


Great job!!! hello everyone care to give me a Free Lingot!!!!! Have a nice day!!!!

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