"I want to eat."

Translation:Я хочу їсти.

May 30, 2015

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Does the "я" have to be included or can it be omitted?


I'll start reporting all sentences where the subject pronoun can be omitted.


What changes the conjugations of the verbs? I swear that another "I want to eat" sentence used "їм", not "їсти". Am I wrong? Or does something else change?


Їм is I eat. Їсти is to eat. So if there's a sentence я хочу їм, report it for sure, that's like saying "I want I eat" in English.


Oh okay. So the correct conjugation is "Я їм"?


That's correct. The verb їсти is conjugated: я їм , ти їси, він їсть, ми їмо, ви їсте, вони їдять.


Thanks a lot! Very insightful


Quick question: do most verbs follow this conjugated pattern? Or is it different for each verb?


No, їсти is irregular and conjugated differently than most other verbs. However, there are a handful of other common irregular verbs that have a similar pattern.

Most verbs in Ukrainian follow one of two regular conjugation patterns.

A lot of verbs ending in -ати/-яти are of the first conjugation and many verbs ending in -ити/-іти are of the second conjugation.

That is by no means an absolute rule though. When you learn a new verb, it’s a good idea to learn the 1st person singular and 3rd person plural so that you know how to conjugate it correctly.


I think "to eat" is їсти whereas "i eat" is їм.

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