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"It is necessary that he receive the box of chocolate."

Translation:Estas necese, ke li ricevu la skatolon de ĉokolado.

May 30, 2015



If it is "glaso da vino," why is it not "skatolon da ĉokolado?" I don't see how a glass of wine is any more a measurement/quantity than a box of chocolate. This seems like another colloquial convention. Or can I just use whichever I prefer to convey the meaning I want to emphasize?


I had the same question on a previous exercise ("Sendu la skatolon de cxokolado al mi").

Maybe "skatolon de cxokolado" is referring to a box specifically used to contain chocolate (like the heart-shaped, Valentine's Day ones) whereas "skatolon da cxokolado" refers more to the quantity of a whole box-worth of chocolate.


OK, but the exact same argument can be used for a wine glass. Wine glasses are made for wine and should not (if etiquette be preserved) be used for anything else. If the course authors want to convey this distinction then the English side of this sentence should signal that. Just as I can say wine glass instead of glass of wine, I can say chocolate box instead of box of chocolates. It seems to me that these should either always be interchangeable and open to interpretation (in translation) or else the English sentence here should read "It is necessary that he receive the chocolate box."


Not sure if this clears things up but in the Tips/Notes section for Da/De it says:

glaso da vino - glass of wine (quantity)

glaso de vino - wine glass (property)


It's even kind of ambiguous in English: "chocolate box" could be a box for chocolates (skatolo de cxokolado) or a box made of chocolate (cxokolada skatolo).

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