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  5. "Kan jeg få denne dans?"

"Kan jeg denne dans?"

Translation:Can I have this dance?

May 30, 2015



It is more polite to say "May I have this dance", which wasn't accepted.


That's because 'can' and 'may' have different meanings, both in Danish and English.


Yes, "can" and "may" have different meanings. Nevertheless, in the UK people for the most say "May I..." instead of "Can I...". In Danish, "kan" is used more commonly than "må", and it would be wrong to accept a literal translation into English in all cases. Especially in this sentence.

[deactivated user]

    "It's all yours"

    walks away


    Is it just me or does anyone else not hear the word Jeg in this sentence? All I hear is Kan få dense dans?

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