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  5. "Yo bebo vino."

"Yo bebo vino."

Translation:I drink wine.

December 26, 2012

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why does yo sound like jo when whole sentence is said


I have a couple friends in various countries in South America.

Depending on where they live.. Yo = Jo ( pronounced Joe ~ english phonetically ~ )

But in other parts Yo = Yo ( pronounced Yoe ~ english phonetically ~ )

It depends how much Portuguese or Italian is incorporated into their dialect.

Some say azul = ( pronounced ahTH-oolh ~ english phonetically ~ )

Others say azul = ( pronounced ahZz-oolh ~ english phonetically ~ )

La playa = ( pronounced Lah plahSHah ~ english phonetically ~ )

or La playa = ( pronounced Lah plahYah ~ english phonetically ~ )

Ella = ( pronounced ehSHah ~ english phonetically ~ )

Ella = ( pronounced ehYah ~ english phonetically ~ )


Hola alberto281: There are several posts about the "yo" pronunciation. "Joe" is the correct pronunciation in most Spanish speaking regions. There are regional differences. We need to be prepared to hear different pronunciations wherever we go. Chau.


Because that's how its pronounced...


Well...not everywhere is it pronounced like that, but you are correct that in some places it is.


no it's not, here in spain we say yo


Im a native speaker, I just want to make a little difference of the verb "beber". We (at least in Mexico, but I think in LatinAmerica its the same) When we drink, we say "Tomar" Yo tomo, tu tomas, nostros tomamos. We dont use that often "beber". When we use it, it's mostly for alcohol. "Yo tomo agua" "Yo bebo vino"


Most common is to say beber as to take as in a drink but tomar is from what i know not as commonly used


I help teach english to a neighbor (here in Mexico), and she has a real problem with words starting with "y"... like "You"... she pronounces it as "Jchew" or "Jyew"... so the "yo" would most likely be pronounced with the soft "j" sound here in mexico (Jalisco region)


You need to put YO? even if you conjugate beber to the I DRINK form?


Most wouldn't but I guess they are just reinforcing it here.


Is the Bebo pronounced "vevo"? That's what it sounds like on my phone.


she said jo bebo vino


The voice always pronounces "yo" as "joe". It appears to be a accent thing.


Hola Tama: No. It is just how it is pronounced in much of the Spanish-speaking world. "JOE"


this is a yankee site in espana we say yo meaning I, but it comes across as joe bearing in mind the difference spain and latin america


Why is it bebo and not bebe?


In Spanish, the verbs change according to who is doing the drinking (or whatever action).

Yo bebo - I drink
Tú bebes - You (familiar, my friend or a child) drink
Usted/Él/Ella bebe - You (formal, my boss or an elder)/He/She drink(s)
Nosotor@s bebemos - We drink
Ustedes/Ellos/Ellas beben - You (plural)/They drink


What is the difference between bebe, bebo and bebemos?


its obviosly yo cuz they said bebo


Why are they pronouncing the letter v not like a "b"? I learned that in Spanish classes.


what is the difference between bebo bebe bebemos ex.? it confuses me!!!!!!!! :( ? And i know hampster is spelled wrong it is suposed to be spelled hamster.


See responses to roberta.we above.


why can't I put bebemos?


See responses to roberta.we above

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