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Quickly Transfering Duolingo Words to Flash Card Program?

Hello! Is there a way to quickly move Duolingo words to a flash card program such as Anki? Entering the words one by one is becoming annoying.

September 29, 2013



I've been doing this by hand for the Spanish words, and found I actually learned quite a lot in the process of wording them as questions for the cards on Anki.

Flashcards supplement Duolingo very well, and I would recommend that approach to anyone.


Just to expand a bit, in the process of adding a word I will often look up the word on SpanishDict.com to see if it has any other meanings, and also to see if there are any prominent synonyms. Also, I'll note related words such as nouns formed from verbs and vice versa. Additional material like this can be part of the flash card.

It helps to be slightly obsessive. :)


I have been doing this for a while, too. Anki can be a good supplement for any language learning :-)


This was not the question



Just saw this posted on Twitter. There will be flashcards in the future on Duolingo :)


I usually copy the vocabulary table (via txt export/ plugin) to Excel (or any spreadsheet), use a web service to translate the table (Bing translate works), correct translation if necessary, import into Memrize via bulk entry. Works!


what export plugin?


TableTools2 for Firefox. Use of Excel is in fact optional


No. There is no included functionality nor any API for outsiders to make it. On top of that, the vocabulary is loaded with a script, so you can't even parse it without evaluating the page first ...


Aww:( Ok, thanks for your answer!


It'd certainly be a useful feature for down the road at some point. Not that the folks who run Duo don't have enough on their hands already, feature-wise.


Have you looked at the available decks on Ankiweb?

There's no deck with the complete german vocabulary from Duolingo (at the moment) but one of those larger vocabulary decks might be a good place to start.


I took advice and downloaded Anik but i made a mistake and clicked spanish instead of english now even if i uninstall and start again it only gives it to me in spanish, can anybody help.


According to the internet you'll be able to solve that by deleting the file "prefs.db" in your Anki folder.

In Windows it's most likely located in Documents/Anki


thank you I will try


i wanted to enter the words one by one because it adds to the learning but without a spanish keyboard how do i put in the accents.


Internationalize your keyboard and down load a map so that you know where the keys are. If you just need a quick method, go to http://www.asciitable.com/, write down the ascii for what you need. Hold down your alt key while typing the number on your keypad, then release the alt key. alt 164 ñ alt 165 Ñ

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