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"Ofte neĝas en januaro en Rusio."

Translation:It often snows in January in Russia.

May 30, 2015



The audio is not clear in the end at all, it sounds like "en orocio"


But it never rains in Southern California.


What is wrong with "In Russia it often snows in january"?


I thought Esperanto was a language not influenced by religion. Then why is the word for the month January "januaro" named after Janus, the god of the start of things?


I feel like this is sarcasm or a joke, right?

[deactivated user]

    Correct me if I am wrong, but from my understanding Zamenhof tried to link Esperanto to his ideal religion, but did not because it greatly increased the criticism of Esperanto. I don't think that Esperanto is influenced by religion. My guess is that the only reason why "januaro" is the way it is, is because it is a cognate.


    May I ask are you being serious about your question?

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