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Things you want in the Lingot Store

Just out of interest, what would everyone like to see in the Lingot stores now that it has been up and running for a while? I know I have quite a few spare Lingots and would like to see more things in the shop. Here some ideas I've seen and like the idea of or thought up myself:

  • 10 seconds extra time in timed practice

  • Badges which can be bought to decorate your profile as proof of your dedication to learning. They could be in ranks so you buy rank 1 first, then rank 2 which costs more and so on

  • Access to extra lessons, maybe various topics not usually covered like lessons on idioms, everyday spoken informal language (aka slang) etc.

  • Streak rescue to get back a streak you lost the previous day (would cost quite a lot, maybe 15 Lingots)

If anyone else has any ideas for the Lingot store, post them here! Maybe if we get enough ideas the Duo team will implement some of them!

September 29, 2013



I'd like to see an Owl avatar that we can customize by purchasing things in the Lingot store.


Hey hey hey! I already have a (blue) Owl avatar!


I don't mean a profile avatar. I mean like a 2D Owl that we can customize.:)


Oh! That might be cool, if they added it.


Maybe it's just me missing something, but I can't see my entire skill tree at one time to print it or do a screen capture. Therefore, I would really like to be able to use lingots to purchase an 8 by 10, 8-1/2 by 11, or even 11 by 17 good quality PDF file of my entire skill tree at the time of my choosing. I want to get one complete with DL the Owl when I finally earn him or her, and if the price isn't too steep, perhaps at some intermediate points. I suspect the coding for printing the tree as a PDF wouldn't be all that difficult.


Oooo I like the idea of access to slang and idioms.


i think slang and idioms would be a good thing for crowd sourcing by the language incubator. I don't like the idea of having to "pay" for lessons on duolingo. even with lingots. the whole point of duolingo is that it's free.


I would hate having to pay for lessons. What if I used up my lingots? Not that there's anything to use them up on right now, but if I did then I'd be unable to learn certain lessons until I got more. All that would do would be to impede my learning of a language.


Well, that might get into cuss words, and stuff like that.


Yeah, that's a great idea to see if the Duo team will put more things in the Lingot Store! I've thought of something that I'd like to see put into the Store: A lingot investment where you invest a certain number of lingots in yourself taking a test with, say, 80% or higher (or any other percent the Duo team thinks would be good). If you don't make the 80% or higher, you lose those invested lingots. But if you do make the 80% or higher, you get those lingots back plus, say 10% (or any other percent the Duo team thinks would be good). I'll see if I can think of any more things later. Great idea!


streak rescue definetly!


Streak Rescue, most definitely.

I have the streak freeze but was afraid to use it after seeing some of the problems reported so there I was last Thursday, recovering from arthroscopic surgery that morning, working on my Duolingo to keep my streak going. Dedication!


I would like to request for more hearts.


Dude, didn't you notice the heart refill?!


I do purchase the heart refills. The Italian tree has four hearts in comparison to the skill trees for other languages.


Ohhh, I see now! Sorry, I thought you meant heart refills. Really, the Italian tree does that? Neat...I noticed that for me it only did four hearts on all the five different languages up to a certain skill level, then it switched to three (so the beginners get 4 hearts). You're only on Italian level 2, so maybe it's just because of your skill level there that you get 4 hearts. :-)


I want a cute small owl toy wearing that flag scarf. I don't mind paying small fee, or combination of lingot and money. Anyone want to own a cute owl toy that you can put at your desk or sofa?


Oooo great ideas! I also think the certificate needs work.... Spanish was a breeze for me to do because I speak it fluently now, but the Portuguese will be hard for me to get! and it looks really crappy :/


I wish we could opt into a percentage of days practiced rather than all/nothing streaks. That way when I have to go on exercise with the military (in the woods with no computers for days or weeks) I wouldn't feel like all my effort went kaput. Actually bums me out so much it always takes me a while to get going again. Then I start another streak ...


While not necessarily restricted to the Lingot Store alone, I think we would all benefit from the following:

1) Better audio, with a higher bitrate and clearer pronunciation. 2) New suits (and no, not just two or three more). 3) Trade-specific skills (plumber, network engineer, dentist, electrician, pharmacist, etc). 4) Themes / skins for the app itself. 5) Group challenges / games (timed and untimed). 6) More detailed / comprehensive user profiles (include more than just a 150 character textbox with a profile pic). 7) A news-feed ticker to track latest events (Carlos achieved Level 17 in English, Most Popular Topics, New in the Lingot Store, etc. 8) Adding a slang course.


Yeah, that's all stuff we should be able to have without the Lingot Store. Nice list!

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