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"Jag håller mig avstånd från honom och hans vänner."

Translation:I keep myself at a distance from him and his friends.

May 30, 2015



I am not sure how idiomatic the Swedish sentence is but in English: I stay away from him and his friends seems to be a natural translation or maybe there is a difference in the meaning?


Agreed. Accepted it now. :)


How about "I keep my distance from him and his friends"? Unfortunately it was marked wrong but i think it's accurate


That's odd - I actually added that translation just a few weeks ago, so it should have been marked right.


One of life's necessities at the moment. Good to know how to say it!


I wrote "I keep distance from him and his friends"


In the UK it's more common/natural to include the possessive pronoun, so say "I keep my distance from (him and his friends)".


Yes, that is good, and also "I keep a distance from him and his friends." However, "I keep distance from him and his friends" seems wrong.


Thanks, adding that. :)


I think you should be able to use "hold myself at a distance" as well as "keep myself at a distance."


Can't believe "hold" wasn't accepted... I'll fix that tonight or tomorrow; the entire sentence is in need of some administrative overhaul, so I don't want to just add it and forget about the rest.


Thanks - you make this a great course and we all appreciate what you do!


Thanks, that's very kind of you!


Why didn't you use sina instead of his in this sentence? If i would to write this i would think sina is the reasonable choice.


sina reflects back on the subject, but han isn't the subject here. Compare:

  • Jag håller mig på avstånd från honom
  • Jag håller mig på avstånd från hans vänner
  • Jag håller mig på avstånd från honom och hans vänner

The third one works grammatically like "I keep my distance from 1. him, 2. his friends", so they don't interact.


AHA! so if i was saying "Han och sina vänner är illa" it would work since he is the subject now


No, sorry - och is a conjunction so han and hans vänner are both subjects and it should be hans again. :)


got it! thanks a million!


Assuming you mean to say "He and his friends are bad", I'm afraid you don't use "illa" in that way in Swedish. As a matter of fact I'm not sure there's an adjective that would sound natural there in Swedish, I would rewrite it as for example "Han och hans vänner är dåliga nyheter" ("He and his friends are bad news").


I was marked wrong for my translation - "I am keeping my distance from him and his friends" but if "I keep my distance" is correct then shouldn't "I am keeping my distance" also be correct? Thanks.


Fixed that now. :)


I wrote "I keep myself away from him and his friends" It was marked wrong. Why?


I wrote: I keep myself at distance from him and his friends. Is this wrong. Why shoukd it ve a distance?

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