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Separating Esperanto and Spanish

I completed my spanish tree a little while ago and i practice all the time, but now im also learning Esperanto (And Greek). Sometimes i find myself thinking of spanish words when translating something into esperanto (Like "Kiom Da Homoj Hablas Esperanton") Anybody else have this problem? If so, how do ya'll separate the two languages in your mind?

May 30, 2015



I had the same problem with starting French after Italian. For me, the solution was concentrating and lots of practice.


Don't worry about it. It will solve itself over time if you just persist. Getting something mixed up isn't a a problem. You are learning. Part of the learning is the individual languages. Part of it is categorising them in your mind. Neither are instant. Just keep going, and it will improve.


I use a notebook a lot to practice the words that i can't remember. Something that helps me keep the languages separate is using different notebooks for different languages. And when studying languages I try not to switch between the courses too quickly. I often translate English to Spanish when I know the Spanish words for the translation much better than I know the Esperanto words, and I guess you just need time to fix that. As long as you know what language all the words belong too, I think you'll be okay.

[deactivated user]

    I've been able to "sneak-learn" some Spanish at our Esperanto meetings as one of our members is currently learning Spanish and the words sneak into his speech. Knowing what he would have said in Esperanto, I can figure out what the Spanish means.


    My brain always yells, "Something's wrong!" when I type something like "la libro", even though it's correct in Esperanto.


    I know right! Or la mondo!


    My favorite method of dealing with this is head on. If/when a Spanish => Esperanto or Esperanto => Spanish course comes out I'll take it. This method is certainly hard work (judging from trying the same with French and Spanish) but I enjoy throwing myself at challenges and seeing how well I manage.


    I've heard an advice from polyglot to create different image or even a sort of different personality for every language you learn.


    I have this problem too (with a lot of languages) ;) Really you just have to think of them as different languages in your head, speaking them separately. That helps me a bit.


    I have this problem too. When an Esperanto word is close to a French, German, or Italian word, I find myself using the word it is close to in translating from English. It also took a bit for me to get used to knabino and virino, since they end in -ino, it was not making sense to me for them to mean girl and woman.


    Spanish Has helped me so much with Esperanto and vice versa. So learning both is great!

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