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"The meal is chicken and juice."

Translation:La manĝo estas kokaĵo kaj suko.

May 30, 2015



What's the difference between manĝo and manĝaĵo??


manĝo = meal (something you are eating); manĝaĵo = food (anything you can eat)


I agree with the comment below (however to answer, I would say mangxo is the meal while mangxajo is food), and I'm asking, what is really the difference between kokajxo kaj koko ? I had a sentence before with chicken, I said kokajxo but it was false (it was koko). So here, I put "koko" for chicken but this time,that's "kokajxo" and not koko. I get it that it, we are talking about food, not exaclty about the animal but that seem not very consistent with the former sentence I had.



  • Koko is the animal
  • Kokaĵo is the meat you eat.

Following the same pattern you have: fiŝo/fiŝaĵo and bovo/bovaĵo etc..


Ok thanks, I knew that (the disctinction between o and ajxo), in fact that's the english which made me make the mistake (english is not by native language.). When I saw chicken first (when it was the animal), it thought it was the meat necessarly but chicken has the 2 meanings in english.

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