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Google Chrome Duolingo Ukranian Keyboard Extension

LAST EDITED: 14/06/2015

Hi guys,

so I've been hard at work for the past few weeks to bring you this Google Chrome extension that will allow you to answer the questions without having to constantly change your keyboard. (I'm referring to desktop users here).

So the way it works is: if you install the extension, when you're doing a Duolingo exercise, you can keep your keyboard in English and when you do a Ukranian question, the key you press will output the mapped value in the Cyrillic alphabet.

e.g. f -> a a -> ф m -> ь etc.

Yes, this does mean you will need to know where each key is if you're going to take advantage of it. My advice is to learn and if you're learning use an onscreen keyboard.

Note this will only work if you're using a keyboard set to US or UK English.

I will eventually get round to hosting the extension but here are the instructions to install it:

  1. Download the extension file from this link
  2. Add it to chrome
  3. You should then be all ready to use it.

Compatibility may change depending on the future Duolingo updates, so be warned. Also I hope to update the extension soon to add more features and make it more user friendly as well as efficient.

Tell me what you think guys, I hope it helps and please report and errors, bugs or problems and I would love to hear any suggestions.

Happy Duolingoing!

May 30, 2015



Updated. The problem was solved

Hi Michael!

I want to say that the solution to the problem of constant change of keyboard is a terrific idea! I've downloaded and installed the extension and I have a feedback for you. First, it works and it's great! Unfortunately, when I restarted my Google Chrome, I got the following warning:

Unsupported extensions disabled

To make Chrome safer, we disabled some extensions that aren't listed in the Chrome Web Store and my have been added without your knowledge.

Make's Ukrainian Extension

I tried to turn the extension on, but the checkbox was inactive. I tried reinstall the extension, but when I restarted my Google Chrome the same thing happened again.

Second, the key which is to the left of the right Shift key, and must has the value "." and "," (holding the Shift key), has wrong values, namely, "ю" and "б" (holding the Shift key).

I really hope my feedback will help you improve your extension. I look forward to version 1.1
Thanks for your interest in the Ukrainian language!



Thanks for the feedback, yes I'm aware of the problem, and I'm currently working on a solution but it's not easy since the text boxes are constantly changing on the page :-( I will eventually host it on the chrome store which will stop the unsupported extensions problems, so stay tuned. I'm it is useful :-)


I hope you succeed! But don't forget about the other issue, incorrect values of keys. At the moment, none of the punctuation key value (functions keys) doesn't match the Ukrainian keyboard (except the exclamation mark and the dash).


Heyy Sergy, I've update the app, the functionality issues you told me about are fixed, the puncutation now works, I've updated the original post with a new link. My next goal will be to make a more generic extension that will work for all languages :-) Wish me luck and let me know of any more problems.


Most major problems are fixed and it is now available on the chrome store here


I've been using the updated extension nearly a month and I want to say that it's great! I recommend it to everyone!


Hey. I was wondering if you could extend this functionality to other languages. Switching keyboard while doing spanish would be nice - not as critical as with ukrainian but still helpful :)


do you mean from English to Spanish? it was something I was considering but you can just keep your keyboard in Spanish and you will be able to type in English and in Spanish with the accents.


Great work, but any chance you could add a phonetic keyboard version? That would be much easier than having to memorize where all the keys are.

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