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  5. "Ilia adreso estas en Usono."

"Ilia adreso estas en Usono."

Translation:Their address is in the United States.

May 30, 2015



Narrows it down.


Well, yes. The U.S. makes up what, about 5% of the world's population (not great at maths)? So yes, yes it does.


Yet the 3rd largest nation, with many exclaves and territories. Not really narrow now is it?


usa is wrong answer :(


It is accepted now


there are many other phrases with usa/USA problem. i hope it will be fixed because i report a lot. and about ci/vi problem too.


"The normal expression in English is 'the USA'"

That's true, but it really shouldn't be marked wrong with a special message to simply write "USA". I'm not here to learn English.


Is an address anywhere? I mean, I'd say an American address and 'What is your address?' not 'Where is your address?' and I wouldn't say 'Their address is in America'. Just sounds odd. Maybe this is another US/rest of the world thing...


I find it odd that the Word for America is derived from the "Unites States" part of the name but I do suppose that it would be easier to not refer to multiple different Americas.


Where I'm from, we don't really refer to ourselves as "living in America". We'll call ourselves "Americans" that live in: a) "The States", b) "The United States", c) "The USA".

Maybe formally people would be more likely to say "I live in the United States of America", but that's just so many words. ;)


I hear you, it seems that our country is one of the few in the world with a population that allegedly "doesn't know its own name"


Maybe we should pick a better name? ;)

I thought of another common one (for me, at least): "I live in the US."


We were at one time proppossed to change our name to Appalachia or Alleghania. I honestly think those both sound a lot better than the United States of America, both in Length & "coolness".


Plus the entire continent is called America, so its not like you have exclusivity over the term Americans. It would be like I make a country called United People of Earth and claim eveyone else isn't an Earthling!


I keep getting zapped on this one. USA: marked wrong United States (without 'the'): marked wrong

It has to be 'the United States' Gotta remember that. I can't get past this question because it's so nitpicky :-(


I got it wrong because I misspelled "Their" as "Thier"...


same :/ wrote "adress" instead of "address"


If it's not correct, then it's wrong


"id" shoud be accepted as "is" with a typo because s and d are too close on the keyboard


Why the sentence "their address is in the US is wrong"?


Some how it's not accepting my answer


More info would be helpful.

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