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Really need a sound-check widget -- microphone issues would be easier to resolve!

It should be easy to use Duolingo to check my speech. But currently there is no way to see what sound levels Duolingo is recording at. For some reason, it works with my laptop's built-in microphone, but I have to speak very loudly and close to the screen.

It does not work at all with my bluetooth headphones.

I have used both mics with Audacity and found no problems. I have adjusted the sound levels for both mics via my Win 7 Sound control panel.

Nevertheless nothing seems to change in Duolingo. Might be a problem with the flash app on my computer. But had no luck with those settings either.

Anyone else have the same or similar problems?

I think a sound check widget would at least determine what sound levels Duolingo is getting. A widget that showed sound levels while we were speaking. Or that played back what we recorded regardless of whether we got an answer right. I never hear my own answer, no matter whether I use the laptop mic or my headphone.

So for the month or so I have used Duolingo, I have never gotten any satisfactory use out of this aspect of the site.

September 29, 2013


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