"- Де ви? - Я у кафе."

Translation:- Where are you? - I am at the cafe.

May 30, 2015

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Could someone explain the dashes? are they merely grammatical or do they serve some other purpose?


They try to show a short dialogue. In Russian and Ukranian it is quite common to punctuate a dialogue with dashes, starting each cue from a new like. About as follows:

— Hello!

— Hello! How could I help you?

— Um, I need a replacement for my broken arm...

— Say no more! We sell the best artificial limbs and even electonic brains. Come over here, I'll show you.

An English text would use quotation marks instead, I believe. It is also possible with Cyrillics, but not the most common way to do it in books.


I love your story! Thank you. I guess dashes would be more common considering I can't even use an apostrophe on the Ukrainian Keyboard


Mine has it on the button to the left-up from the Q (right about the Tab key). You sure you know the layout and set up the correct one? Or is it that your keyboard is more compact and uses fewer keys?


No mine doesn't have that, or at least the on-screen keyboard, which has a different layout than my actual keyboard. Honestly it feels easier to get a Cyrillic keyboard :D That would be nice to have

I guess it would be worth mentioning that I live in Canada, so we may have different keyboard layouts which change things


On the Ukrainian keyboard setup I have for Windows 8, the apostrophe is on the key to the left of the number 1 key. You could try that and see if it works. :)


Wait till you try the Georgian keyboard!


where does somebody get a ukrainian keyboard?


I finally found one from Microsoft for my tablet, On my phone I was able to get one from Google, I now have Ukrainian Russian German Spanish and US English keyboards on both. It took me a whole day to do it, but I m 85 and don t have a 10 year old to show me how it's done


I'd really like to know too


What about кав'ярня?


"Кафе" is more general name than "кав'ярня".
You can eat in a cafe, it's like a small restaurant.
"Кав'ярня" is usually specialized only in coffee and sweets (cakes, cookies) and liquers to it.

Both the words are correct here.


Is there a case change on кафе here? I know that would happen in Russian but I'm not sure how it works in Ukrainian


«кафе» is an indeclinable word both in Russian an Ukrranian.


I presume it's because it's a foreign word.


In the other exercise it was "IN the cafe". Why this time it's "at the cafe"?


I once had a document translated, and another native speaker commented that the person who translated it did not know the language. He did not know his brother did the translation. We decided Greek was an opinion, not a language. I think the same goes for Ukrainian...look how many ways they say "and".


WHy I am in a cafe is not correct ?


In the audio, are the stresses on the correct words? For example, in English, in "Where are you?" we would stress "are" (or "you" if we're comparing to the location of someone else) , but never "where". In the example audio, "де" is stressed. Would that be the normal way to say it?


Yes, of course. It does not even have "are" in the Ukrainian sentence, so it is either that or stressing "you".

It is a bit different with a verb:


Shouldn't this be Я в кафе? Can anyone tell me the difference? thank you


In Ukrainian, у and в are phonetic variants of the same word. That said, I found that vowel + в + кафе will indeed more often that not use в, not у.

I hope a native speaker can clarify how likely they are to use у there :)


In the question does ви imply the plural' you', so could or should the reply be we are in the cafe


Ви is used for plural or polite you. The answer (in both English and Ukrainian) says "I", so it is just polite in this particular sentence.


Please someone could explain me why this answer is not correct without dashes? And in option we don't have dash to choose.. How can we make it correct then


On this particular lesson, its asking me to piece together a sentence using a selection of words, which must be put together correcly to get the question right. However, its asking me to put dashes or hyphens in between words and I have no option in the list of words for dashes and I cant type either.


There should be a dash block


i would say the coffee shop.

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