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"The beginner speaks Italian again."

Translation:La komencanto denove parolas la italan.

May 30, 2015



Source https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/krokodili :

Krokodili: (slang) to speak among Esperantists in a language besides Esperanto, especially one's native language or a language not spoken by everyone present (literally, "to crocodile").


From krokodilo (“crocodile”). The origin of the expression is unclear. Several suggestions have been made:

  1. From the fact that crocodiles' extremely large mouths make an apt comparison for carelessly flapping one's jaws without consideration.
  2. Ferrari, an Esperantist in Paris in the 1930s, would comment Kion volas tiuj krokodiloj? (What do those crocodiles want?) when noisy non-Esperantists entered the cafe where he was speaking Esperanto with friends.
  3. Students of Andreo Cseh. When Cseh taught Esperanto, students were only allowed to speak their native language when they were holding a wooden crocodile he always brought with him.


La komencanto denove estas krokodilo.


well esperanto and italian do sound very close


As an italian i think it sounds like a mix beetwen spanish and polish, atleast before i learned it.


La komencanto parolas la italan denove?


I also entered this and wonder why it's wrong. Could you not say this?


Would i be able to say "La komencanto parolas denove la italan"?

[deactivated user]

    Estas malkorekta laŭ Duolingo :(


    Kial oni ne povas respondi "La komencanto denove parolas la italan lingvon?"


    Pardonu ne krokudili.

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