Esperanto keyboards for Mac and iDevices


Recently, I was frustrated with my inability to type Eŝperanto ĉĥaraĉterŝ with my normal U.S. International keyboard. I had heard about an app called Ukelele, which allows you to make a custom keyboard layout for Mac.

I made a modified version of the U.S. International keyboard with the ability to type the characters, available at Just unzip the file and place the .bundles file in the Keyboard Layouts folder, located in the Libraries folder. From there you can select it as a keyboard like any other.

To enter Esperanto "hat" characters, type shift+6 and then the letter you would like to add the "hat" on to.

For the ŭ character type alt+u.

In addition, I have found an Esperanto keyboard on the App Store for iPhones and iPads. Here is the link:

Hope you find this useful!

May 30, 2015


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