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  5. "Kie estas la ĉielarko?"

"Kie estas la ĉielarko?"

Translation:Where is the rainbow?

May 30, 2015



sky+arc=rainbow. lovely.


Duobla ĉielarko!!! kion ĝi signifas?!?!?


Tio signifas du potojn da oro. Bedaŭrinde ni ĉiam estas meze inter ili :P .


Estis glaciaĵo butiko en mia frua hejmurbo kiu nomiĝis "Duobla ĉielarko." Ĉiam amuza loko por iri kun la infanoj.


In French, it's "arc en ciel" which means "bow in sky".


Just like in French


It's like that in French, too. Arc-en-ciel I believe it is. EDIT: OOPS, didn't see that other people said it before me.


Ĉu en Irlando?


Kaj estas poto de oro sub ĝi.


why are there so many questions about rainbows? and what's all the fuss besides?


Ĉu vi ne ŝatas ĉielarkojn?


Mi pensis pri la kanto de Kermit la Rano. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jSFLZ-MzIhM


Just saw this haha.


Yeaaay, Dankon Duo, this one really is useful, I often search rainbows. (not often find them, though ^^). And "cielarko" is as beautiful as in french.


There was an Esperantist writer, I believe from Hungary, named Tibor Sikelj (exact spelling open to interpretation, and I can't go look him up right now) who wrote a wonderful little story, in Esperanto, called Kolektanto de ĉielarkoj. I believe that it would be worth your time to read it someday.

He also wrote the book "Kumeŭaŭa, filo de la ĝangalo." Also worth your time to read, but no rainbows.


"Kolektanto de cielarkoj". It sounds cool, I'll try reading it a bit ^^. Thank you very much, it's not really easy to find good books in Esperanto. But I think i'm gonna need a better level in esperanto to understand it. I will still try it, though.


You can go to: http://www.uea.org/info/eo/kio_estas_uea Look for the flag whose language you speak best and then look for book sales. You should also find information for finding the Esperanto group in your own country and maybe give them the money, and even arrange meetings so that you can practice speaking.

Here, also, is the Vikipedio article (en Esperanto) about Sikelj: https://eo.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tibor_Sekelj I don't expect that to be as interesting to you, but he was, by all accounts, a fascinating person.

Multaj bonajn ŝancojn


I'll want to be better in Esperanto before practice speaking, but I'll consider it in (maybe) one month. I already searched sites like this, though, and I found this one: https://pasportaservo.org . It's still only a beta, but it could be great to be able to travel all over the world with Esperanto. Anyway, the books come in handy, thank you.

For the article about Sikelj, I'll try reading it in Esperanto, but I still think that I'll end up reading it in French or in English.

Denove, Dankon


The Pasporta Servo site is the real deal. The site itself is just fresh, as it was done on paper for decades. I want to try it at some point myself.


La cxielarko estas en la cxielo


I answer "Where is the sky"...


That answer only got you halfways there:

ĉielo (ĉiel·o) sky, heaven

arko (ark·o) bow, arc

ĉielarko (ĉiel·ark·oark·o) rainbow

(explanations from Lernu! (lernu.net))


Right, my comment was meant as a sort of verbal facepalm in reaction to my mistake.


"There was an awful rainbow once in heaven ... "


Ĉu vi intencis la ĉielarkan ponton kiu interrompis la perlajn pordegojn unu foje?


La sono estas tro mallaute

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