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  5. "Benim bir düşmanım var."

"Benim bir düşmanım var."

Translation:I have an enemy.

May 30, 2015



I am going to remember this word, because it sounds like douche-man :P


That works! LOL XD I will remember it this way too. Teşekür ederim! :)


Dusman is a compeletely persian word


And it functions in Bosnian too, actually I knew the lyrics of "Bosanska artilerija" by heart but, as a native speaker of Polish, I couldn't understand just this word.

"Pjevaj Bosno dušmani nek znaju da se lahko nedamo"

So also I have a new word in Farsi.


Can you say " ben bir düsmanim var?


Everybody will understand, it fine but not gramatically correct. Has to be, 'benim bir dusmanim'


why ''I have my enemy'' is an incorrect translation since benim=my??


Sorry if this is an obvious answer, but what would be "there is my enemy"?


This whole lesson, all sentences are jus very stupid and annoying. I am sorry i need to say that, bu when i hace to read that an lawyer hates the babies i want to quit to learn. So sorry. A lot of stupid bad sentences. I am realy very positiv person and very rarely get annoyed that much.

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