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"Cumartesi haftanın altıncı günü."

Translation:Saturday is the sixth day of the week.

May 30, 2015



I reported faulty audio; but there is no way to report that the fault is only apparent in the slow audio version; there the voice very clearly says "altı günü" instead of "altıncı" although it is correct in the fast version.


You are correct. I reported thıs over 2 months ago.


But yhe auxio really says ALTI GÜNÜ... Why don't they correct that???


Is this how Turkish people see it? Ie. Monday is the start of the week?


Interesting, does the Monday-Friday workweek not cause problems for the religious when it comes to the cuma prayers?


Turkey is a secular country, things are not arranged according to religious matters (at least they are not supposed to). Some employers may let the employees go to the Friday prayers as it is anyway around lunch time.


America is secular too! And so is most of Europe but since majority of their population considers Sunday as their religious holiday it is being observed as such.


What does the second "ü" in "günü" represent?


It's part of the possessive/genitive form; Saturday is the sixth day 'of the week'. The genitive suffix is added to the possessor (in this case 'week', as it "owns" the Saturday), so week it becomes hafta (week) + n (buffer consonant) + ın (genitive suffix). As day is the possesee (it is "owned" by the week), it gets the third person possessive suffix, so gün (day) + ü (possessive suffix). Hope that helps!


Belgium also sees Monday as the start of te week.


This may sound silly, but can haftanin cumartesi be accepted as well?


Why can't you say "in" the week? That was marked wrong.


Probably because you're changing a genitive construction ("haftanın" = "the week's" / "of the week") to a locative one ("haftada" = "in the week"). Also, I don't think I've ever heard a native English speaker use the phrase "the sixth day in the week."


Yes, the audio clearly says ALTI GÜNÜ


What's wrong with, " Saturday is week's sixth day" and why it's not accepted.

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