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  5. "The boy eats like a bear."

"The boy eats like a bear."

Translation:Drengen spiser ligesom en bjørn.

May 30, 2015



What is the grammatic difference between ligesom and som?


From my experience, you can also say 'lige' as 'just' (ex. lige derhenne or 'just over there/right over there') so I suppose it's like the small difference between 'like' and 'just like' in English. Hope this was useful -0-


"som" may be exchanged with "der" in the vast majority of cases and vice versa. "Ligesom" may not be exchanged with "der" and when "som" means "ligesom" it cannot be exchanged with "der" (obviously). Lige does not mean "like"; it means straight or equal.


You could use "som" in this case, where it translates to "like".

But "som" can also be used to refer back to a subject already mentioned, "Kan du se bilen, som er rød?", "Do you see the car that is red". In this case both the words "som" and "der" can be used where "that" is used in the English sentence, and they are virtually interchangeable. I think that my Danish teacher tried to teach us, to only use "der" when referring to people, but I don't think that rule is used any more.

However "der" can also mean "there", as in "Bogen er der"/"The book is there", "Er der mere øl?"/"Is there any more beer?", and a few different uses "Hvad er der i vejen?"/"What's wrong".


There is a rule with der as a relative pronoun where you can't swap out som for it: der can be only used as the subject of the relative clause. Examples:

  • Ser du manden, der/som gå ind i bygningen? - Som is the subject here, so you can interchange it with der.
  • Det er ikke brødet, som vi spiser. - Vi is the subject in the relative clause, so som is an object. It can't be replaced by der here.


It's important to note that you forgot an 'r' in the sentence: Ser du manden, som går ind i bygningen.


In a much earlier lesson in the course, we were presented with the sentence, "Drengen spiser som en bjørn." I am curious as to what the nuanced difference is when you use "som" versus "ligesom." Tak for dine svar.


Classic boys...

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