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"O trimestre termina em julho."

Translation:The trimester ends in July.

December 26, 2012



"Term" may be a more suitable translation in many academic concepts, but "quarter" is very widely used in the business world: first-quarter profits, ...


For sure,one probably need the context to distinguish. :)


The word trimester is used in English in describing the course of a pregnancy. There are three trimesters in the usual nine month human pregnancy


I chose 'term' and it was wrong, but the transation gives that option. An inconsistency, reported


Worked for me 8/29/15. :)


Is "quarter" really an appropriate translation for "trimestre"?


Yes, it is. A trimestre is a period of three months (hence, "tri") and three-month periods are called "quarters" in English as there are four in a year.


Ah, thanks. In the academic calender there are 3 trimesters, so I assumed that it referred to the number of terms in the academic year, not the number of months in the term.


It does, you are right. It can refer to the number of terms in the academic year. A semester divides the academic year into two terms, a trimestre into three. In this sense, a trimestre can be as little as eight weeks. And a quadmester, or a 'quarter', divides the academic year into four terms. It all depends on the context with which you use these terms (business vs. academic vs. medical).


A trimester of 8 weeks is actually a half-trimester.


Confusing for sure, in part because logically it should be called a setrimester. =]

But in the global south, they break down semesters to two terms each!



Not in America. We usually have four terms or two semesters in an academic year, unless our state does "year-round" school, then it's a few weeks on, a few weeks off and is kind of wierder than i can explain, not having been through it myself.


But a quarter is normally January-March, April-June, July-September or October-December. It could not end in July. So one should maybe say "The three month period ends in July".


If the particular trimester being referred to is regarding a [human] pregnancy then it does not matter when the trimester started. Pregnancies do not begin at set times of the year.


But the reality is, that a trimester (or quarters if you prefer) for any reason can start at any time (schools in the northern hemisphere tend to start in August, September, and even as late as October), but the basic rule that applies to trimesters in general is the 3 month thing, if talking about out of a year.


Many universities have a fiscal year which ends during the summer, both to align the fiscal year with the academic year (and, in some cases involving public universities, with the state government's fiscal year), and because the school is normally less busy during the summer months. In the northern hemisphere this is July to the next June.


The last sentence from your Wikipedia citation is funny. The author mixed up cause and effect :D


All Gaul has been quartered into three halves.


Wouldn't 'term' be a better way of translating this then?


I think term is accepted


I'm actually most comfortable with the literal translation ,"trimester," which refers to a third of the academic year. "Quarter" seems like a strange translation because of the contradiction between the prefixes "tri" and "quart." "Term" is fine.


"Trimester" means "three months". There just happen to be three periods of roughly three months in an academic year what with all the holidays. Using it to mean "a third" is a misunderstanding.


What is the policy for misspellings? Sometimes the answer is marked green but the spelling is mentioned, here i was marked wrong because i spelt july as julio. I don't understand what makes some spelling mistakes worse than others!


The problem is when you spell another word by mistake - it only sees it as a typo when the word you wrote doesn't exist C:


Shouldnt Julho be capitilized? July is a proper noun in English...isnt it in Portuguese too


No, in portuguese it's ok you write "janeiro, fevereiro,... julho, .. dezembro"


Isn't "semester" also a valid term? It marks it as wrong, though...


I reported it. (June 19, 2016) I know there are some sentences in this lesson that only allow "semester" as a translation of "trimestre."


Hello, delvi :)

I'm revising the "trimestre" sentences now :)

If you find any that mixes "trimestre" with "semestre", please tell me :)



A trimester has three months, a semester has six months.

"Term" is an accepted translation of trimester only due to how the academic year works.


Am I the only one who (in this exercise) always understands "junho" instead of "julho" - in the slow version as well as in the normal one?

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