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  5. "The child does not drive."

"The child does not drive."

Translation:Barnet kjører ikke.

May 30, 2015



I remember kjører because it sounds like "shore". Imagine you're trying to outrun the police in Norway, you jump the road and end up racing along the "shore".


Could someone explain to me the differences between "Barnet kjører ikke." and "Barnet ikke kjøre" ?


The former is grammatical, while the latter is ungrammatical.

The verb needs to occupy the second position in statements like this. Exceptions are made for imperative sentences and questions not starting with a question word, in which case the verb goes first. If you want to read up on this, google "V2 word order" and have at it. :)


Tusen takk! Hilsen fra Polen!


I think the grammatical format of Norwegian is going to catch me out time and time again for quite sometime haha...it is quite different in some cases when compared to any form of English, getting used to the change after all these years is going to require quite some language changes in thinking...

Tusen takk fra Australia


don't want him to become like this kid.


could someone help me with the pronunciation of kjører? the kjø sound is very difficult for me!


I think it sounds like sh.


This video may help you pronounce 'kj' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cqbt4mM3avQ

'ø' has no real equivalent in English, but it sounds a bit like the vowels in the words 'bird' or 'earth'.

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