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  5. "Koen laver mælk."

"Koen laver mælk."

Translation:The cow is making milk.

May 30, 2015



Heh, this sounds funny in the present progressive in English. Yes, of course the cow makes milk. What, you wanted to know if the cow is making a glass for you right now?


Yeah. I would say "the cow is making milk" is simply wrong unless some very smart cow went in for bioengineering....


You might say this to preschool children with limited vocabulary but an adult would be more likely to say "The cow produces (is producing) milk" .

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The expression in English would be "the cow gives milk". "Makes milk" sounds really strange.


"Gives milk" is what sounds weird to me...Like, really weird. Cows produce milk, or make milk, but give? Nah. Or maybe it's a dialect thing. < shrugs >


Coming from a dairy farm, I can tell you that "gives milk" is very widespread. Yet, it applies only to mammals and milk. For come odd reason, chickens do not "give" eggs, and maple trees do not "give" maple syrup.


In German, cows "produce" or "give" milk and chickens "lay" eggs.


I wrote "The cow gives milk" and it was accepted.

"The cow gives milk" is more common in Britain than "The cow makes milk."


So, does "laver" simply means "cook" or it can also be interpreted as "make/produce/manufacture"?


laver means both produce something ( Urine, milk, manure, fertilizer) and prepare food or drinks (like a cocktail)


I think the cow is filtrating and pasteurising the milk.


This sentence most like refers to Gabriel G. Marquez and his novel "One hundred years of solitude". Where cows give milk.


Is it me, or does the guy speaking this sentence sound like he's got a Geordie accent?


The cow is giving milk - I do not had this choice in the app, but it is more common than making milk.

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