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  5. "Elle boit."

"Elle boit."

Translation:She drinks.

December 26, 2012



why she drinks, not drink? sorry for offtop, i'm learning both english and french


In English, you add a "s" or "es" to the end of regular verbs in the third person singular of the simple present (http://www.scientificpsychic.com/grammar/regular.html). So, you say "she drinks", "she studies", "she catches" instead of "she drink", "she study", "she catch".


Please help me work out when to use boit as against bois and mange as against manges.


In English, usually verbs only get an -s at 3rd person singular. In French, verbs change endings nearly with each subject. For your information, here are the conjugations of verbs "boire" and "manger":

  • je bois, tu bois, il/elle/on boit, nous buvons, vous buvez (polite singular and plural), ils/elles boivent
  • je mange, tu manges, il/elle/on mange, nous mangeons, vous mangez (same), ils/elles mangent.


Thank you so much. Am very impressed with this learning program. Congratulations to all involved.


I was confused about the same thing, thank you!

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