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  5. "Jeg kan ikke se dit pas."

"Jeg kan ikke se dit pas."

Translation:I cannot see your passport.

May 31, 2015


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Can 'pas' also mean "an i.d."? Or is it only the (international) passport?

[deactivated user]

    'pas' only means passport.

    ID is the same in Danish as in English, so a bouncher at a club might say: "Har du noget ID jeg må se?"


    Why when i write can not it wont accept it as an answer

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    Because apparently it should always be one word: cannot. Can not is an error. I believe it should however be accepted, as a right answer, with a remark.


    I'm not native, but I believe 'can not' alters the meaning in English. With 'cannot' it says 'I am not able to see it'. With 'can not' it's more like 'it's up to me whether I want to see it or not, I can decide that I don't want to see it'.


    In the (new) female pronunciation, the n on "kan" is completely inaudible, even at max volume. Is it normal in Danish to pronounce it this way? Feb 2021


    Can't is a shoter version of can not- it should be accepted

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