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"My legs hurt after a long walk."

Translation:La kruroj doloris min post longa promeno.

May 31, 2015



Doloras estas ankaŭ akceptebla. (Estis akceptita - sed kiel mistajpita vorto)


I think doloras is the only acceptable form. if the definite article was used to specify the last walk i had, the doloris would be right


My legs hurt now.

My legs hurt yesterday.

The trouble here is that English doesn't distinguish.


I think the problem is not in the verb "hurt", but in the two possible expressions: "after A long walk" and "after THAT long walk".

"after A long walk", miaj kruroj DOLORAS (a generic statement)

"after THAT long walk", miaj kruroj DOLORIS (a specific statement)


Wouldn't "Post malfacilajn promeno miaj kruroj doloris min" be "After the difficult walk my legs hurt me"?

It didn't accept it in the "Tag all that are correct" version of this question, but if the walk was long enough to hurt their legs wouldn't that count as being difficult and so also be one of the correct answers?


The sentence has a grammatical error. No -n after "post" here.


What is wrong with "Mia kruroj doloris post longa promeno.


Missing plural on "mia".

What is it that your legs are hurting? They're hurting YOU.


Is "post" in this sentence an adjective or an adverb? Thanks.


I'm quite impressed "Miaj kruroj doloras al mi post longa marŝado" was accepted; different on almost every aspect of the sentence.


Don't be so impressed, Paul Make Peace!

Your sentence is the most correct one, much better than the proposed by Duo.


Did you check PIV before commenting?

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