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  5. "Göl çok yakında."

"Göl çok yakında."

Translation:The lake is very close.

May 31, 2015



So earlier Yakin was used for close. And here we have the locative. So how is close differentiated that I know when to use the locative?


It's the same thing as "yakın". Both are accepted. Yakında is like "At a close distance".

You can also say uzak/uzakta. No difference in meaning.


YAKINDA=soon. YAKIN=near/close YAKININDA= close in comparison to other place YANINDA=next to smth

ex. Yakında sinemalarda=soon in the sinema.

Evim çok yakın=my house is very close/near.

Okul hamamının yakıninda=the school is close to the hamam.

Evimin yaninda bir mağaza var=there is a shop next to my house

All in all the proposed sentece by duolinguo is wrong.dont take it into account.



I would very much appreciate if somebody explained the difference which appeared in this discussion concerning the right meaning of "yakında". (at a close distance vs. soon)

(Hovering over the word says "soon" and "close")

Thank you so much! :)


I think, you can use it for both meanings. I saw both in other textes.


Can I use "near" in this sentence instead of "close"?


Yep! It sounds a little strange in English, but it isn't wrong.


I am confused!!!

Göl çok yakın (OR uzak) = The lake "is" very close (or far).

Göl çok yakında (OR uzakta) = The lake "was" very close (or far).

Am I wrong??!!!!


In the second sentence, you're using the locative suffix -DA (-TA). As Ektoraksan mentioned above, "yakında" is like saying "at a close distance" and has the same meaning as "yakın" ("near" or "close").

To say "The lake was close," you would need to add the tense suffix -DI and the personal suffix. (In this case, there isn't one because "lake" is third person singular.) "Göl çok yakındı" or "Göl çok yakındadı."


Thank you for that correction!


So 'yakından' would be from close?


Close to : yakında


Should this be 'Göl çok yakındir'

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