"Jeg fryser."

Translation:I'm cold.

May 31, 2015

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Very important sentence in Norway!


No if you're a native or if you live in a northern country, those people cannot feel the cold (I'm still walking barefoot in the snow because I overheat for no reason xD )


Could this also mean "I'm freezing"?


As long as you use "I'm freezing" to mean that you're cold rather than frozen solid, yes. ;)

However, I think of 'being freezing' as being more than a bit cold, so it might be closer to these expressions:

"Jeg er iskald."
"I'm ice cold." (as in very cold, though the dual meaning works in both languages)

"Jeg er kjempekald."
"I'm very cold."


What verb do we use to say we're freezing something for example food?


"Å fryse" or "å fryse ned", though depending on the situation we'll often just say that we're putting/laying it in the freezer.


Bare hyggelig!


Despite Deliciae giving it the "OK", "I'm freezing" is not accepted.


"Å fryse" is a verb, and only sentient beings can "fryse", as it's something you feel/experience:

"Jeg fryser."
"I'm (feeling) cold."

"Kald" is an adjective. Anything can be "kaldt":

"En kald øl"
"A cold beer"

"Hendene hans var kalde."
"His hands were cold."

"Kald" may also be used in place of "fryse", but then you need to add a verb: "Jeg er kald."


I am also a little confused about this. Cold seems to be an adjective in this sentence. Otherwise, "cold = fryser" as a verb, in my mind, would mean you are cooling something off. (I initially typed in 'jeg er kald' before double checking with the hover-over clues.)


Kom til sørøst i Brasil og det vil aldri skje igjen! Jeg lover deg!


...where 30ºC is a "valid" temperature for both 2am by the beach on summer and 2pm on winter... Believe me: I wrote this in a negative sense...

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