"What city bus goes to the center?"

Translation:Яка маршрутка їде у центр?

May 31, 2015

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Why are there so many variants of їде? І have seen іде and йде accepted too.


і and й can be used interchangeably as conjunctions and in the beginning of some words for euphony. But їде starts in ї (not i), so it's not the case. Іде and йде are the forms of a word іти, їде is a form of їхати. Іти is usually used when you move your feet, їхати - when you use some kind of vehicle. Іти can also be used to talk about routes of vehicles


This is complicated! Two almost identical forms of different verbs translating into the same english verb, one of which has two forms!


That's mostly a problem of English, where "go" can mean anything from walking through the forest to taking a flight to India and back home.


Їхати can also be translated as ride or drive (depending on context) :)


іти/йти = to go їхати = to go/ride/drive (only about vehicles)


Yes, and in addition: "іде" can be written after a consonant sound, but "йде" - after a vowel one (for euphony). Example: вона йде, but він іде


"яка" відноситься до якості, напр., "зелена",тоді як "котра" - до певного об'єкту з кількох.


Що за брєд! В одному завданні ви не приймаєте слово "йде" як правильне і цьому завданні приймаєте!!! Тепер що треба ще й запам'ятовувати де і які відповіді ви приймаєте за правильні??????

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