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Microphone Questions?

Hej alle,

Ok, so either I'm really bad at the pronunciation of Danish (not hard to believe) or microphone questions are a consistent issue. I haven't used them until now as I forgot that Duolingo had it and hadn't been able to use it before due to not wanting to seem weird on public transport. But yeah, am I the only one who has issues with the mic? Should I talk slower maybe? Or do I just suck?

Tusind tak!

May 31, 2015



apparently a lot of danish learners have problems with pronunciation on the microphone - probably because the danish pronunciation is difficult to match, and maybe because the danish team set the bar too high??


I didn't even know there were microphone questions for Danish. I need to find out how to enable that on my iPhone.

Edit: I didn't enable it but never got any microphone exercise. Weird.


Danish pronunciation is really hard for non-Danish speakers. It might also dislike it if you haven't got the stød right. Stød is important because without it you could say the wrong word, but it is quite hard to distinguish if you don't speak danish. Like the pronunciation difference between 'hun' and 'hund'.


Also, be careful of the pronuciation of 'fyrre'. It should be pronounced more like the english 'fir' (like fir tree) than the danish 'fyr'. It gets it wrong in the listening exercises.

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