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"I can't use the microphone" on the android app

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I just encountered a speaking exercise in the French course for the first time (there don't seem to be any in the Turkish or Dutch courses) but these speaking exercises don't work. Instead of a blue microphone icon, like on the website, the android app shows me an error message that says "I can't use the microphone."

In the app settings under "accessibility" I have "speaking exercises" enabled.

My questions: Do speaking exercise work for anybody using the android app? If so, what settings on my phone need to be changed?

May 31, 2015


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Not one single comment? Is there another place I should be posting this question?

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Never mind. The microphone works on the phone. The problem was that the text of the opt-out button "I can't use the microphone," confused me. I thought it was a message. A better text, (if anyone from duolingo reads this (which doesn't seem likely given the lack of responses)) would be "I don't want to use the microphone."

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