"У мене є один дім і одна машина."

Translation:I have one house and one car.

May 31, 2015

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You have achieved the capitalist dream, then.


Still needs a white picket fence.


In Soviet Ukraine the capitalist dream achieves you.


Or it means the person speaking is not filthy rich


"будинок"=house, and "дім"=home?


Будинок = Дім. Almost.

Будинок = house/building

Дім = home/house/building

Building = будівля/будова/будинок/споруда.

Мій дім = My home (not "my house")

Мій будинок = My house (not "my home")

Білий дім = White House

Хата = Home. Little house, cottage. The interior living space of the house. "Заходь до хати" - "Come to the house" can be said even about the apartment.

From dictionary:

БУДИ́НОК, нку, чол. 1. The building intended for housing. 2. Scientific, cultural, educational, household and so on. state institution, and a building where it is contained.

ДІМ, дому, чол. 1. The building, which is designed for housing or to accommodate different institutions; house. 2. Premises where living people; housing. 3. The premises, people who live in it, and their menage. 4. rare. Monarchs of one genus, consistently replaced by each other. Dynasty.


Not sure if this has been touched upon in other discussions, but so far we have seen "у мене". Is "в мене" also correct? Is it more proper to use "у" before a consonant and "в" before a vowel? Do people use both?


Yes, it is true, у and в are totally the same (same situation as with і, та and й for "and"). But в мене doesn't sound nice and is not even easy to say! Takes much less effort to say у мене. Imagine, if you have a word even starting with в, let's say, Віктор. "Victor has ..." -- "У Віктора є ...", go and try saying "В Віктора"!..

You are correct, if you have a word that starts with a vowel you would use в. For example, Олег (a common name) --> В Олега


Please what's the difference between Одне, Одна and Один?


Don't quote me on that but i believe it depents on the gender of the noun? одне is neutral, одна is female and один is male.


Could this sentence be translated: I have a house and a car?


In general, yes. But there are numbers that specify that you have exactly one thing, not two or more.

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