"Я теж хочу їсти."

Translation:I also want to eat.

May 31, 2015

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Does this sentence mean "I also want to eat (as well as something else)", or "I, also, want to eat", or both?


Він хоче їсти, (і) я теж хочу їсти.

Я хочу пити, і також хочу їсти / і ще хочу їсти / а ще хочу їсти

Something like that.


What is ще used for?


Ще is used as

1) yet (Я ще не їла - I haven't eaten yet)

2) still (Ти ще хочеш їсти? - Do you still want to eat?

3) more (Я хочу ще один - I want one more)

4) even (Цей гарний, цей кращий, а цей ще кращий - This one is good, this one is better, and this one is even better)

5) ... I don't even know we use it for so many things


"I also want to eat (as well as something else)" would rather be "Я також хочу їсти". But теж and також are actualy synonyms and are mostly interchangeable. So, "Я також хочу їсти" can definitely mean both, "Я теж хочу їсти." sounds to me more as "I, also, want to eat"


"I, also, want to eat" (meaning "I want to sleep AND EAT") will sound like А ще я хочу їсти


What is wrong with "I want to eat also"?


тоже in russian

[deactivated user]

    So this would be used in the context of "I also want to eat"?


    I interpreted it as "I'm hungry, i want to eat"; "i'm hungry too, i also want to eat". Is this correct?


    Yea. Exactly.

    If you say "Я теж хочу їсти" it means only: "You want to eat and I too" but if you say "Я також хочу їсти" it may means as "You want to eat and I too" as well "I want not only to sleep and to drink but also I want to eat"


    Does this also mean 'i'm also hungry'


    Чому не можна з ,,am''?


    А куди Ви пропонуєте його поставити?
    "AM" це форма дієслова "бути" в теперешньому часі для першої особи в однині (я є....)


    The audio is blank on this exercise. I even uninstalled and reinstalled the app to see if that would solve the problem. This occurred when trying to test out of level four.


    Many people have commented and reported about this.

    It happens with the exercises that had no audio before, and recently newly recorded audio was added to them. For some reason there's a bug, audio doesn't play during listening exercises. Works using the browser but not the app (on Android I think).

    I've notified the people working on this feature, they have found the cause of the bug. Maybe they haven't fixed it properly yet, or there's another bug :') Will notify them about your comment! Thanks!

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