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"Family" tips and notes minor error

Hey, I'm using the Esperanto course and I'm really loving it so far. I've suggested a bunch of alternate translations already (mostly different word orders), but I found an error (the smallest of errors, but still an error) in the tips and nots for the family section, and couldn't find where to submit an error report, other than to do it here—hope that's okay. (Also I searched to see if it had been reported earlier and couldn't find it, but I admit I find the search a bit awkward on this website, so I may have missed it.)

At any rate, in the heading "The suffixes -in and ge- for words that relate to family" should probably have the word "suffixes" replaced by "affixes". "Ge-" is correctly called a prefix in the rest of the section, so that part is alright. (Like I said, it's a minor thing, but still, there you go.)


May 31, 2015

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Fixed, dankon! :)

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