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  5. "Bu adam öğretmen değil."

"Bu adam öğretmen değil."

Translation:This man is not a teacher.

May 31, 2015



öğrenmek and öğretmek (learn and teach) - this is so similar I'm just wondering if there are any relations in these words genesis. Anyone have a clue?


They are indeed. The "-n" in öğrenmek give a sort of passive/experiencer meaning whereas the "-t" in "öğretmek" is a causative suffix. The root of this verb "öğre" no longer exists (or may have never existed...that I am not sure of) :)


Turkish is more like Urdu is using 'subject', 'verb, 'object. In Urdu we will say "Ye admi teacher nahi ha" Ye admi = Bu adam; Teacher = öğretmen; Nahi ha = değil


Yeah, actually in this part of the world we see 'subject', 'verb', 'object', more than the other way. It's not something odd here,

"Bu adam öğretmen değil." (Turkish)

"Ye admi teacher nahi ha." (Urdu)

"Een mard amoozegar nist." (Persian)


Should I say this man is NO teacher, or ISN'T teacher?? O.o


If you say "isn't", you need to say "a teacher". Apart from that, either one is fine.


I translated 'this isn't the man's teacher' but it said it was wrong why?


That would read in Turkish: Bu, adamın öğretmeni değil.

(the man's teacher = adamın öğretmeni)


neden this guy is not a teacher cümlesini kabul etmiyor

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