Missing audio?

As I've been slowly working through the course, I've noticed that now and again there isn't any audio for a phrase. Even when I open up the comments for it, and try to play the audio there, nothing happens.

I've been reporting it, but I'm wondering - is audio missing for phrases here and there for other people too, or is it a problem with my computer?

I want to know because I'm afraid I'm bothering the already-busy Esperanto Team with useless reports.

3 years ago

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It's a problem with the course, and it's a pretty typical problem when a new course using a recorded voice (instead of TTS) goes into beta. I haven't seen them say anything about the missing audio, but I imagine it's something they plan on fixing as soon as possible. I don't think you should worry about your reports. I'm sure mine are far more annoying anyway, since I get very excited about little details of English grammar and regionalisms and end up writing very long reports. :P

3 years ago

Okay, thanks!

3 years ago
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