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  5. "Хто ви за професією?"

"Хто ви за професією?"

Translation:What is your profession?

May 31, 2015



Wait... I thought Хто means "who"?


I second your question, also, how would you ask "What is your profession?"


Яка ваша професія?


What is your profession? or What do you do? would be more appropriate. The Ukrainian sentence starts with Who (khto) because it literally means Who are you by profession? Speaking another language doesn't mean translating sentences word by word.


Made "What is your profession?" the default translation and displayed sentence.

The alternatives are:

What are you by profession? (not really used these days, but grammatically correct, so let it be)

What do you do?

What profession are you? (is it even correct?)

Got a report from a user saying "What are you?". Is it correct in English? (if yes, sounds obsolete to me...)



"What are you by profession" is not used in english.


"What is your profession" -> 762k hits on Google, the default version in this exercise.

"What are you by profession" -> 61.9k hits and forums advising not to use it but use "what is your profession instead" :) This version is accepted as an alternative, but not displayed.


Is there a difference between the "Хто ви за професією?" and "що ваша професія?"? Which would be a more common or accepted way of asking?,


it's not "що", but "яка": "яка ваша професія?". But I think the most common way to ask about one's job is just to say "ким ви працюєте?"


Thank you, Vinnfred.


It should accept "What do you do for work?" That is what is being asked.


That's more like, what is your occupation.

One can be jobless at the moment but have a profession, profession ≠ work ≠ occupation.


the term what are you by profession is poor English What is your profession? is what we would say. Why is there no report button for poor English translations ? And XTO means who anyway. яка ваша професія? What is your profession is what I learnt in my other Ukrainian lessons .


There IS a report button for poor English translations :) It's called "The sentence is incorrect or unnatural".


Yikes! Using the word "learnt" is poor English!


It's British English. Learned and learnt are both acceptable but learned is more formal.


Literally "Who are you for profession?" Right?


I typed in 'what do you do' and it said correct!!!


What do you do is a question about your one's job, not one's profession.


I translated this as "What are you professionally" and "What do you do for living". In day-to-day american English they both sound right, but Duo didn't accept them


"What are you professionally?" gives 72 results in google search, but that's not always an indicator. If it's correct, it's not very common I guess? Or people just don't type that on the Internet? :)

"What do you do for living" -> shouldn't it be "for a living"? And, that question asks about the job, not the profession.


Why can't I hear the pronunciation?

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