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Ukrainian - want more so bad

This is the easiest language to learn by far - i can not wait for more to come! is this all the lessons or will they be more to come soon?

May 31, 2015



How is it the easiest? Do you already know Russian?

[deactivated user]

    There usually isnt a part two of a tree. Once you finish it, it's done on Duolingo. But of course there are a few YouTube channels and websites you can use to continue your studies.


    Trees update occasionally. When the team has time, they'll add new words and skills, and once they're ready push the new tree out to users. French and German have updated before, I think Spanish updated a couple times.


    haha wow some people and their comments...yes in my opinion is it the easiest language to learn. I have tried learning other languages and have not been succesfull at all. Im on a very good start and love it . and thanks to the people who commented to be useful. i appreciate it and cant wait!


    Are you using the Strengthen Skills tool?

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