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"He does not drink beer for her sake."

Translation:Han drikker ikke øl for hennes skyld.

May 31, 2015



He drinks sake for her beer.


This sentence is pretty dark. I read it as meaning he has an alcohol problem and isn't so nice when he drinks.


I think it could be used in multiple situations. I immediately assumed he wasn't drinking because he's driving her home. Or he isn't drinking beer specifically because she doesn't like the breath it gives him, or is allergic to it. etc etc.


I used hennes. Can sin be used as well?


No, "sin" points back to the subject, so it would mean that he was doing it for his own sake instead.


Curious. In English "drinking" in context refers to alcohol. If you said "Han drikker ikke for hennes skyld" would that make sense in that context, or would that just mean you'd be committing suicide via thirst? ;D


I'd expect it to refer to alcohol in Norwegian too, but it doesn't have to.

Perhaps he's not drinking because they're stuck in a desert with a limited amount of water, and he thinks she needs it more.


I wrote "han drikker ikke øl for skylden hennes" and it was marked incorrect. I wondered if there is a reason why "hennes skyld" would be the only acceptable format and not "skylden hennes"?

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